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  1. It's a good thing I'm up for the challenge!
  2. Yesterday I baked the last four. I decided to coat 2 of the molds with the beeswax mixture the other with butter. The ones coated in beeswax are on the left the ones coated in butter are on the right. They were baked at 400F for 70 minutes. Surprisingly , the ones coated in butter were shinier than the ones coated in beeswax and had the same crunch. I wasn't expecting that. Next up is the Pierre Herme recipe.
  3. I use this one. https://www.amazon.ca/OXO-Good-Grips-Squirting-Brush/dp/B000CC91GK/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=Oxo+dish+brush&qid=1576164799&sr=8-4
  4. Thanks, @Shelby I always enjoy reading along.
  5. I put a sheet of tin foil in the drip pan when using the grill. Helps a lot with the clean-up.
  6. Those are gorgeous. What kind of flour does he use? Yours appear to be more cakey than custardy or am I wrong? And yes, I will give Kriss Harvey a listen. Thanks for your input.
  7. You had mentioned this recipe earlier and it is one of 4 I intend to try. It sure is different from the rest.
  8. I baked four more this afternoon, I'm waiting for them to cool so I can cut one open and take a picture. I put the molds on a rack in a baking pan and put that on a pizza stone. They were baked at 400Ffor 70 minutes. One thing I noticed is that they had a bubble on the top. I gave the first two a poke with a cake tester and the bubble stock to it. I got similar bubbles on the other two but left them alone. Should I have done the same? Next time I'll forgo the rack. One other thing I noticed is that I had to switch their positions about three times to get them to brown evenly. Is this normal? I also read that you do not wash the molds after use. You simply wipe them out. Is this correct? Lots to learn. Thanks for all your help.
  9. Nice bowl! How heavy is it? I ask because I once had an Oster (I think) stand mixer that came with two glass bowls. For me, they were very heavy and I replaced them with s/s ones.
  10. I am working on making caneles. I made the batter couple of days ago and baked the first ones yesterday. The results were uneven but they sure tasted great. I have been posting my progress on this thread: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/8090-please-help-with-cannele-recipe/page/12/ I got a couple of suggestions on how I might improve the results from @teonzo @kayb and am taking their suggestions and baking the last four this afternoon. Hopefully, I'll see an improvement.
  11. @teo the molds were put on a wire rack and the wire rack was put on a sheet tray. They were baked on a middle oven rack. Those were the instructions I had. I like @kayb 's suggestion. I have some batter left so will bake some today at 400F, (convection?) And will preheat the oven with a pizza stone and put the tray on that. Thanks for the suggestions. This is my first batch so I am completely new at this.
  12. Hi Seva, and welcome to the forum.
  13. Here is a picture showing the middle ones cut in half. The outsides are crunchy, the insides custardy. Really good. I need to solve the "white ass" problem. Any suggestions?
  14. On Sunday I made the batter using Paula Wolfert's recipe. I baked two sets of three today, using the baking instructions given by Dorie Greenspan for the first batch. This was bake (non-convect) at 450F for 30 minutes and then 400F for 30 minutes. She has you leave them in the molds for 10 minutes before unmolding them. As you can see, two of them have what I have learned the French call "white ass" or pale bottoms. The second batch of three were baked per Paula's instructions, 375F convection for 1 hour and 15 minutes and unmolded immediately. I have great colour on two of them, less so on the third. I haven't cut them open yet as I am waiting for them to cool. When I do, I'll post another picture. I used butter and beeswax melted together to line the molds. When I first lined them, I noticed the wax was very thick. I put them in a hot oven for a few minutes and emptied them of the excess wax. Next time, I'll start with warm molds so as not to have this problem. I have some batter left and tomorrow I'm going to try to just butter some molds, no beeswax and compare.
  15. @Kim ShookDid @JohnT post his recipe somewhere? They look amazing.
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