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  1. I'm like that with pie crust. Pillsbury is my friend.
  2. Spectacular. I am loving your posts and your pictures. Two friends of mine used to go on yearly visits to Hydra and loved it. Unfortunately for me, they never took pictures!
  3. I need to stop following this thread.
  4. @blue_dolphin That bread looks amazing.
  5. Thank you. The current purchase is spread out, unwashed, on a sheet tray in the fridge. I'll try this on my next batch.
  6. In the second food picture, are those small jars of honey? If yes, did you have any?
  7. I have one of those but I never use the red thing. The debris rinses right out. Best garlic press I've ever had.
  8. I will never again put my Anova sous vide circulator in a pot of water before checking to see that it is right side up.
  9. I have the spoon too.
  10. I'm not sure why I still have it as I can no longer eat grapefruit.
  11. I am sooo looking forward to this. Regarding honey, a Greek shop here sells Greek honey. It's fabulous.
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