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  1. You are going to love them.
  2. We were having apple crisp. We like unwhipped whipping cream poured over the crisp.
  3. When I was growing up, we always ate our eggs from an egg cup. It didn't matter if they were hardboiled, softboiled or somewhere in between, my mother insisted we eat them from an egg cup. Oh, and we used coffee spoons to eat them with, they are considerably smaller than our teaspoons in Canada.
  4. Nice to meet you, Rick. I look forward to reading your posts.
  5. I use this stuff too. Works great.
  6. ElsieD

    eG Cook-Off #84: Ginger

    I've kept mine for months in the freezer.
  7. ElsieD

    eG Cook-Off #84: Ginger

    I agree, whipped cream does not belong on apple pie. I love cheddar with apple anything.
  8. That all looks delicious, but the noodles are calling my name.
  9. Before the Euro, they used to separate guilders and centen with an apostrophe in the same way we place a period between dollars and cents. Looks like they are writing their prices the same way as in pre-euro days.
  10. @rotuts That ham and cheese thingy is a Dutch pancake, called a pannenkoek.
  11. Sounds right. I haven't had one in ages. It's time......
  12. I don't recall that we rolled them and filled them but I don't see why not. I'm familiar with the flat variety with things cooked into them, for example bacon or sliced apples which have been sauted first. They are large, and cover a dinner plate. There is no leavening in them, so quite different from what we eat here as pancakes. As kids, we used to spread jam on them or plain sugar. Like the chain out west, there are Pannenkkoek restaurants that serve nothing but pancakes and they have a lot of different toppings.
  13. I'm really excited about this. I haven't been to Amsterdam much, but went to my cousin's wedding which was in Vogel Park. Beautiful. My aunt lived in one of those houses lining the canal. I was born in Zutphen, a town in what the Durch call the Achterhook, (translated as the backhook which I suppose colloquially is the the back end of Holland that hooks into Germany. Have you ever had Dutch pancakkes? NOT dutchbabies, but real dutch pancakes. If you haven't, you should try one. There are restaurants that specialize in them.
  14. Ahhhhhh, the country where I was born. Are you in Amsterdam the whole time?
  15. @Rieke3520 I apologize. I knew you were in Belgium, I don't know why I posted German. I've corrected the post. I'm Dutch, having been born in Holland but my mother never made anything called mustard soup. I'm looking forward to seeing the recipe.
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