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  1. @Kim ShookDid @JohnT post his recipe somewhere? They look amazing.
  2. Hi Paul, and welcome to this forum.
  3. I just remembered that a chef I know wears all kinds of patterned pants including, if I remember correctly, chili peppers. I have sent him a note, asking where he gets them. If he answers, I'll let you know.
  4. I bought copper canele molds yesterday and have seasoned them following Paula Wolfert's instructions. They are cooling in the oven. Yesterday I also bought food grade beeswax. I bought a piece the size of a regular muffin and it cost all of $1.75. For my first batch I am going to make Paula Wolfert's recipe. I have found others that I would like to try as well but that will be my starting point. I will make the batter up today and will try baking a couple tomorrow after the batter has sat for 24 hours. I found a good article on canelles while I was googling about them, here it is: https://tasteofartisan.com/canele/
  5. ElsieD


    @liuzhou Those look wonderful. Strawberries are my favourite fruit. I'm salivating sitting here watching the snow fall.
  6. Check my post of Nov. 3 in this thread. I did chicken thighs, seared post sous-vide.
  7. CA Paradis in Ottawa sells chef's pants but I don't know if they have the kind you want.
  8. Thanks! I read the 12 pages of another topic on cannelles and they said there are variations in quality between the silicone baking cups. Do you know what brand yours is?
  9. Wow, those are beauties! What recipe did you use? I have never made them and want to try. I just read this whole thread and there is a lot of good info here.
  10. I had my first cannele the other day and was blown away by how good it was and am now determined to make them. I like the look of the recipe you linked to and printed it. Can you tell me the size of the molds you used and how many the recipe yielded? I don't have any molds but I read on ChefSteps that you can use any number of different molds. They specifically mentioned Madeline pans and i have those so may try that. If anyone else has a tried and true recipe I'd be interested in hearing from you. I do have Dorie Greenspan's Baking Chez Moi and she has a recipe in that book. I'm excited to try these and if anyone else has some wisdom to impart I'm all ears.
  11. @JoNorvelleWalker What did you order from Amazon besides the mushrooms?
  12. No, I wasn't. I go by flakiness, the fish, not me. I'll try it again with my Thermapen.
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