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  1. I added bulgur wheat, parsley, mint, lemon zest and topped it with more parsley and mint, and tiny grape tomatoes to make a Tabboulh Bread. I was amazed at how fantastic it turned out with all the additions! The crust on this bread is close to a bread baked on a hot stone in a steam oven. I'm wondering if the non-stick pot has anything to do with that?
  2. Lisa2k

    Almond paste

    Here's another idea. Put the almond paste in a ziplock bag with a slice of fresh bread. Seal it, and let it sit overnight. The moisture in the bread will be absorbed by the almond paste and you'll have soft almond paste again.
  3. Hi all, I'm putting together a 9-inch round entremet, and I want to add a feulletine insert. Does anyone have a formula with the right amounts of chocolate, butter, praline paste and paillete feulletine, for a 9-inch round preparation, so nothing goes to waste? Thank you in advance, Lisa
  4. I always keep a slab of marble in the fridge, and usually roll my doughs, from puff to pie, on it. I love it, as the marble retains the chill for quite a while. I also have a small oak board and a large Boos chopping block, floured, when in a pinch aka marble slab being washed.. I use a french rolling pin, and roll from the middle outward, but never over the sides. You don't want to lose or melt any of that buttter/lard etc.
  5. Tri2, thanks for all of your help I used the small amount of gelatin and it worked out perfectly! I only used the juice of one lemon, so the pomegranate flavor wasn't masked. You can see it here
  6. AHHH..MY SAVIOR I checked your blog but didn't see the recipe for the pomegranate curd, though the photo of it looked gorgeous. I was toying with one of my lemon curd recipes and scribbling notes. I decided I might use 5 yolks instead of two whole eggs and two yolks, and a whole stick of butter instead of the 6 T called for in the lemon curd recipe, then add the juice of one blood orange or one lime along with the pomegranate juice. However, I'd love to see YOUR recipe before I attempt anything, or at least something! Tri2 - By the looks of your creations, I don't doubt your suggestion would work out perfectly, although my execution in these cases is what you would call questionable..lol Regardless, if worse comes to worse, that's the route I'll take.
  7. Actually. I'm pouring the curd over the set ganache I thought of using gelatin leaves but I don't want it to even come close to a gelee, just a nice, smooth curd. With my luck, no matter how small the amount of any gelatinous component, I would end up with JELLO LOL
  8. gFron1, where are you? I hope he sees this thread! In any event, I need a a solid, somewhat sturdy curd, and I don't want to take a chance of even the least bit of 'the runs' since I'll be pouring it over a lot of $$$ worth of chocolate used in a ganache. Silly me for not thinking this out and testing beforehand. As for the scientific aspect, it's all a little confusing to me, as I'm also stumped as to why an acid is needed to set a fruit curd.
  9. Thanks, Tri2! Do you think using blood orange juice in lieu of the lemon juice would also work? Enough acid?
  10. I was going to experiment with substituting pomegranate juice for lemon juice in a basic lemon curd recipe, but was told it doesn't work (doesn't set up). I know there has to be a way around this. Although I would like to avoid cornstarch, if I have to use it, so be it, but I was thinking all egg yolks plus half lemon juice cut in with the pomegranate juice might make it work? If anyone has made pomegranate curd with success, and/or has any suggestions, I would be incredibly grateful.
  11. Flourless white chocolate and 70% bittersweet chocolate cake topped with ganache and served with strawberry-lime pink peppercorn cream cheese ice cream. Plated with strawberry-raspberry coulis, chocolate straws, and a chocolate dipped strawberry.
  12. WOW!! Those cakes are works of ART - perfectly executed and so clean!! Great job! Happy Holidays to all, and MERRY XMAS!
  13. WOW, just WOW, Rob. I love how you bake over the edge and wish I could sample your gorgeous creations! That said, I haven't been here in a while due to surgery on a bunch of torn ligaments in my right knee and the inability to cook or bake except when the physical therapy facility I'm staying at lets me use their recreational kitchen and the staff becomes my 'legs' lol, but I have to say, all of everyone's latest sweets and treats look absolutely AMAZING and have turned my salivary glands into an ocean! Hope to be back baking, creating and picture taking with you all soon!
  14. cough <recipe> cough cough.. I need me some of that! What temperature do you cook the caramel to? ← Thanks, prasantrin The recipe in full is in the second entry on the first page of my blog which is linked below.
  15. A few weeks ago I craved some kind chocolate and peanut butter concoction that was not a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. I came up a tart that includes a flaky, tender pate brisee with a layer of salted peanut honey caramel, topped with a fluffy peanut butter mousse-like layer and white and dark ganaches drizzled all over the top. Definitely satisfied the craving, for me and all who grabbed a slice in time!
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