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  1. I'd very much like to try my hand at an ice cream cake. I just read the related thread link too (thanks!). My concern has always been the "softened" ice cream. How soft? What happens to the melty/totally melted "runoff" ice cream stuff when it re-freezes, as far as texture goes? Do I soft the ice cream in a big bowl, stir it to get a uniform texture (ie: stir in the totally melted ice cream), and then spread? or do I plop the ice cream in and don't worry about the totally melted liquid stuff? Also, I got an ice cream maker for Xmas, which I have yet to even open. But... I was wondering, if I m
  2. These are for my husband. I've made in the past a kind of Wagon Wheel dessert treat. I take a slice of banana, stick a toothpick in it, wrap a flattened Kraft caramel around it, dip it in melted chocolate, and them roll/sprinkle with fine chopped peanuts. He loves them. They are a mess to make and don't come together easily at all. The banana won't stay on the toothpick. I've tried them "raw". frozen, and semi-frozen to no avail. The caramel won't stick to the banana. I've prgressed to sticking the caramel to the toothpick and sorta enclosing the banana inside. The caramel flattens ok but is s
  3. While I stupidly didn't say it in my first post/question, that was my base concern... would I exhaust the yeast if I overproofed it and end up with a brick. I've overproofed just twice, by accident and not to a huge extent, and I baked the loaves as they were. They were fine but sloppy looking at best as they somewhat deflated when I took the plastic wrap off and moved the pans into the oven. Hence my question. I guess the next time I overproof I'll just have to try re-shaping and see what happens. If I go for a deliberate overproof to accommondate a timing issue, then I'll try to remember to
  4. Although I see your question was posted on December 1st and I'm sure you've fixed the problem by now, I guess I'll just answer for posterity's sake. Yes, if your bread overproofs, punch it down, re-shape, and re-proof. As far as the time it takes to re-proof, it will most likely be about the same time as the failed proof. Once you do your first bulk fermentation (in the big bowl/container, etc.) and punch it down to let the gas out, it also serves to redistribute the live yeast through the dough. Additional risings/proofings won't get you a significant increase in proofing time. In other words
  5. Well, the final try on the Swiss Roll was just as bad as the other attemps. No rise, fell apart, etc. I threw it out, I was so disgusted. On the bright side the Red Velvet Cake baked up as great as always and I got it crumb coated before I left. All I had to do Monday evening when I got back was the final frosting. Customer was very happy with it all. I would like to figure out what I am doing wrong though. The very first time I made it it came out very well and I was thrilled. All down hill from there I will maybe try again sometime in the future.... it's just so aggravating! I did think of
  6. I recently saw the big fat regular shaped pretzels (not rods) dipped in chocolate and then covered with M&Ms. Maybe this is a dumb idea but you could use them on cut out cookies (gingerbread or sugar) as decorations... outline a yellow frosted star with yellow M&Ms, a tree with green, etc. As a topping on cupcakes. Around the base area or up the sides (instead of cake crumbs for example) of a frosted cake. I am pretty sure I've seen M&Ms on brownies.
  7. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help, especially righ now. I am crazed Can being short 1 T of cocoa really make that big a difference?? The cake was flatter than a pancake. I did whip the egg yolks and sugar (the amount not used with the whites) the full 5 minutes... even used the kitchen timer. Cream of tartar. I think mine is ok but who knows. I sorta remember it can be checked by adding a few drops of lemon juice to some and if it bubbles, it's fresh...?? My egg whites whipped up fine if that means anything. As I said, the batter looked great... just no rise in the oven. I am goi
  8. I have made this recipe twice out of the book (library copy) and copied it out for future use. The future is now as I have an order for it for Tuesday. For some reason the cake I baked today turned out a complete disaster I am sorta hoping that I simply made a copying error. I am also hoping to avoid having to run to the library tomorrow to get the book - if they even have it on the shelf - as I leave Friday very early morning to fly home for an emergency visit (sister is in decline... cancer) and won't be back until the day the cake is due. I really, really need to get the cake finished and
  9. Bread question: If I shape my loaf for the 2nd rising and accidentially let it over-rise, can I punch the dough back down, re-shape and let it rise again with no loss of quality?? Will the 2nd second rsing happen faster? Thanks!
  10. Well, I baked up a ton of empanadas yesterday... sausage, peppers and onions with extra american cheese on top. Steam slits were a disaster... the cheese bubbled thru and made a mess. Hubby ate the cheese and was happy. There didn't seem to be any difference is sealing power between water vs. egg wash for keeping the crimped edges closed. I still had some cheese leaking from crimped edges but overall less than before. I think I am simply getting more skilled at the whole folding process... and guaging how much filling to put inside. We do like overfilled empanadas... more meat to crust ratio.
  11. Thanks for the link! I don't read or speak Spanish but the pics were good. I don't think they really gave me anything new to try to solve my leaking problem though.
  12. I appreciate the comments here! Unfortunately I'm not seeing anything that is really going to solve my particular problem I have indeed frozen baked pumpkin pies - for my own use. I think the filling tastes just fine when defrosted but the crust and filling do part ways and the crust is only passable at best (soggy and not just on the bottom). I would not sell the pies like this under any circumstances. I also don't think my customers would be happy with anything less than a fnished, slap it on the table dessert either. I did wonder how the frozen pie makers did it... a blast freezer, eh? Ma
  13. I've made 2 or 3 Swiss Rolls using the Cocoa Souflle Cake from the Cake Bible. The first one I did following the directions exactly and while I did get a small crack in the cake while rolling, overall I was pretty damn impressed with my efforts. The 2nd time I made the cake but split the batter into 2 smaller pans. I feel I overbaked the cake a tad but nothing crazy. This time, in an effort to not get any cracks, I rolled the cakes while slightly warm. Disaster! Cake just fell apart. I mooshed it all back together and at least it still tasted great. I don't know if it also had an effect but t
  14. I do some on request baking. Thanksgiving is coming and I am starting to get requests. However, this year, I will be on vacation all of Thanksgiving week so anything I sell has to be made and delivered the Friday before and somehow be storable by my customers until they want to eat/serve it... mostly on Turkey Day. My main current concern is pumpkin pie. Can I do this?? Can I make a pie the week ahead, using all sorts of anti soggy bottom crust tricks, tell my customers to leave it wrapped in the fridge all that time and be confident that the served product will do me (and them!) proud?? I am
  15. This is an older thread, but the topic is relatively new to me I've been making empanadas for about 2 months now. I am using a basic dough recipe that's worked pretty well overall, given that I don't know what I am doing anyway. In reading some other threads though, I see that many of the dough recipes have baking powder - mine does not. For filling I have used, variously, beef & cheese, chili, sausage/pepper/onion, tamale, etc. Any meat based filling that I have on hand that isn't too wet may get shoved into a dough pocket for trial! Here's my issue: My DH, who is thrilled with the emp
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