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  1. Does anyone know where to purchase guitar replacement wire at a reasonable price? Also, does anyone know what the gauge is?
  2. I would like to make an 18" pizza, but I'm not sure the amount of dough I need to get the perfect crust. Any suggestions 16oz?
  3. Quick little tip for mushrooms if you have a child that wants to help...use an egg slicer. You get uniform slices and no blades
  4. Quick word of advice...wears gloves. Beets stain everything. They are also very good layered with goat cheese and served cold
  5. I just saw a demo of that on "a chefs story" http://www.chefsstory.com/recipe17.html This was the base recipe used. If I remember he used 1/2 pate choux, 1/2 potato that was put through a fine ricer. It was a fairly recent episode you may be able to find it "on demand"
  6. Silpat is the way to go. It's like a wonder mat! You won't regret the investment - they are very versatile. You can save a few bucks also buy purchasing a full sheet pan size and cutting it in half for 2 half sheets (it doesn't save much but every little penny counts)
  7. Thanks for all the great photos. I have to agree about the hot dog thing though. If your in NY you have to have pizza and a "dirty water dog" aka street dog (or Grays Papaya) Katz's sounds much more appealing than bbq which, while different than nc's stuff, is still going to be angled in almost the same direction. And anyway, we can bbq it when we get back. Tien came up to the bar and sat next to me. I thought he looked familiar, and I had reason to think that because while I was at the stand up bar waiting for a seat at Ssam, I saw him managing plates leaving the kitchen. Not remembering this immediately though, he started getting drinks off the menu, which led me to believe that he must be with the in-crowd. He overheard me talking about the food tour with a very wasted couple to my right and asked where I had been, etc... All in all, he seemed like a really cool guy, and I kind of buy his non-bbq rec since he's from Texas and his transition to NY food kind of reflects our own south-north deal. I agree with him, but New York is not part of New England. ← Man, I made this exact mistake just a few days before I left too. How embarrassing to make it again. Don't credit Tien with that, I was seriously paraphrasing. Will do! ←
  8. Has anyone ordered from this place (www.lepicerie.com)? I'm just curious how your experience was. Honestly, I thought maybe the man I dealt with was having a bad day, until I had to speak with him again in regard to my order. I had ordered a few items that you can't find everywhere (ie: trimoline...atomized glucose...). Not only did I NOT receive everything I ordered, the stuff I did get was shipped late. When I called to let them know the order had an item missing the manager accused me of trying to get the item for free and proceeded to insult me! Turns out this is a horrible company, with horrible customer service. I would not recommend them to anyone, but I am curious if anyone else has had issues with them.
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