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  1. The nitrogen in Guiness is meant for creating the small bubbles which make up the head of the beer. It's just a different gas for different bubbles. The Wikipedia article has additional information. One more thing, N2O, not NO2, NO2 is brown and poisonous. I've always wanted to try different neutral gasses in liquids to create different mouthfeels with the bubbles, but, that will have to wait until I have myself a chemistry lab.
  2. On the topic of using dry ice to forcibly carbonate things, it is possible, but make sure to know what you are doing. Whatever you are carbonating, make sure that it is built to withstand higher pressures. Grolsh style bottles tend to do a good job at keeping pressure in. Even then, there is still the chance of the glass exploding. I believe about 10g of dry ice will do plenty for a standard bottle. CO2 cartridges can go up to 16 grams in a single cartridge and those are designed for the liter soda siphons. Also, N2O cartridges are the same as CO2 cartridges, you could always try both. N2O should dissolve in water but with no proteins in the water, I doubt it will be something particularly interesting. Gotta have milk, or egg whites, or something. Just the distilled spirits is probably too clean for N2O to give off any foaminess.
  3. Yes, there is a difference. I am told that the ones for paintball guns have oil and other chemicals in them that help them work better in paintball guns and are generally not food safe. Although, you may find some which are food safe, I would not reccomend it. What I did was buy a 100 pack from amazon for about $50 including shipping. They don't go bad afterall.
  4. I felt like I was watching a magic show. Look at this shaker! There is nothing in it now. Look at this bottle, nothing fancy here! Then, at the end, tada! A drink!
  5. Adding salt to water should raise the boiling point, not lower it. This is a colligative property, water should boil at higher temperatures and freeze at lower temperatures. The thing to be careful about is to not get, say, a drop of detergent into the water, because surfactants reduce surface tension.
  6. So, not quite a cocktail, more just liquor, but how about the story of Moutai and it's use as the chinese government's official liquor as well as its use in entertaining US dignitaries back when China was more closed. Or is this strictly cocktails?
  7. We go through Corralejo Reposado like it has the cure inside, and I must admit, it's pretty tasty. It was sort of a gateway drug to help me, long tequila-averse, to come around. ← I'd have to agree here, Corralejo is great stuff. I found myself sipping it, good enough for me. Another great tequila is Milagro. For Gin, I'd have to go with Gordon's. It's just way too well priced and tastes pretty good. Irish Whiskey is definitely Powers. Significantly better than Bushmill's or any other bldn I've gottn ahold of. Powers is the way to go. For Rum, I find that Appleton Gold Special is great. Great flavor and not too pricey.
  8. So, what might be great for the whole gin thing as well as you liking sweetish things would be a Tom Collins with fruit in it. Raspberry Collins, Blueberry Collins, truthfully, whatever fruit you feel like. It tastes wonderful, the gin doesn't have as much of the strong juniper flavor. Delicious, I've converted some people who didn't like gin as much.
  9. I noticed you already use Lychee syrup and Lychee on your drink menu, perhaps trying something new with Lychee Liqueur? Perhaps also find something with Midori to add to the menu, japanese company and all. Another couple crazy ideas might be Longan or Dragon Fruit? Those don't tend to be as commercially available so you may not be able to get any products containing them. Maybe pommelo? Sorry I don't really have any specific ideas, just some random ideas that perhaps you can build off of.
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