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  1. Why not make an apple jelly? I use the BBC recipe from Worall Thompson , apple jelly with chilli flakes. It's lovely with pork or red cabbage and keeps wel. The chilli doesn't make it hot, it just gives it a bit of extra. recipe for chilli apple jelly
  2. I do not know Sterno. I buy something that is called "Gastro Heat" by Bolsius, a Dutch firm. It's more or less odourless since it's normal use is indoors. For that reason also it's not harmful in any way. I'm sure there must be an equivalent where you live. Also, the fire is separate from the smoke chamber. But yes, the smoke does go to the food so I'm careful in what I use. Like you, I don't want any nasty smells or anything on my food.
  3. That is a geat idea!!!!! Thanks... Bud ← Make sure you get some distance between the pot and the woodchips. You want them in the flame but not right on the pot. Look for the hottest part of the flame.
  4. Cold smokes some salmon last week with a similar construction which turned out excellent . After several tries I now use a burning gel for food. It's a little pot with ethanol gel to be used to keep food hot on a buffet. Put it in the bottom of my burner with above it some foil with holes poked in it and woodchips on it. The pot burns for eight hours, no temperature change. All I do is top up the woodchips. Easy!
  5. I bought the Jupiter grinder for KA. It's metal and much sturdier than the plastic KA one. It comes with 3 plates. No idea if you can order it in the USA but you can in Europe. Here is a picture: Jupiter grinder
  6. Thanks. But how do you calculate how much salt you want? That is what percentage are you aiming for?
  7. Thanks to Derek I could build my own cold smoke room. And it works! I'm planning on cold smoking my own salmon. Farmed I'm afraid. it's almost impossible to buy wild and if you can it costs an arm and a leg. But how long would you salt a half a salmon (approximately?) I have recipes varying from 1 to 36 hours! And again, how long do you smoke it for? I can sure use your expertise! I'm aiming for the traditional Scots smoked salmon.
  8. Thanks! I'll order one then. Getting a new bold or something won't be a problem. I'll just ask my brother ("the metalworking shop"). I love the way everybody helps, thanks!
  9. Yes, that's it. I know you were all enthusiastic but I was wondering how they hold up after being used for some time. I remember reading about hte Grizzly being Chinese and an other stuffer that was similar but a lot more expensive. Obviously I don't want to spent more than necessary. But buying something and hen not using it seems a shame. Luckily the dollar is very cheap! Even makes up for the postage!
  10. I did it! Read all post from 1 to the last. Lots of inspiration and a question. I use my KA as stuffer but plan on buying something better. How does the grizzly hold out after a year or more? In the first 20 pages or so some people bought the Grizzly so how is it doing after being in use for a year r so?
  11. My butcher recommended keeping the spare casings in the fridge with a lot of salt (enough to cover) and a bit of water. I'm new at this but so far it seems to work. They're in the fridge for three weeks now and look and smell all-right. I just take what I need and rinse them well before using.
  12. Just tasted my first bacon. It's excellent! For perfection it needs a little bit more salt and a bit less sugar. But the smokiness is wonderful. All in all not bad for a first attempt. Thank you all very much for answering my questions and letting me in on your knowledge.
  13. I have been reading up on all the older posts and just reached the posts about hot/cold smoking. I used a very simple smoker. Made a very small fire which turned out to be incredibly difficult to maintain. Added wet wood-chips. On the bowl above I threw blocks of ice. Above that my bacon. The air temperature in the top was about 20-25' C. Smoked it for about 5-6 hours (Like I said, it was difficult to keep it going.) Got it out, left it resting for an other hour. Never thought about measuring the internal meat temp. since I was cold smoking. I will try and add some foto's. It's now in cheesecloth and in the fridge. I didn't think I needs extra cooking since it will be cooked before eating. Or is it necessary for keeping? But the proof of the pudding (or bacon) is in the eating. I'll let you know tonight.
  14. I know it's hardly an exact science, but how long do you smoke 3 kg. of bacon for? I try to keep the temperature under 30'C. I smoke in batches of several hours at the time.
  15. Thank you. Followed your advice and covered it. Tonight it was dry enough to give my smoker a first try. Temperature is excellent (20-25' C.) Find it difficult to keep it burning. I made a small fire with brikkets. Once they were grey I put on some wet wood chips. I also have some saw-dust but no idea how to use it. I leave it for tonight (it's cold outside!) and start it up again tomorrow morning. This better be the best bacon ever!
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