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  1. I have dined here a few times and have always found the food quite good. While my review is a bit dated, I can't imagine the restaurant hasn't remained at the top of the Westchester dining scene. http://www.always-eating.com/2008/02/review-x2o-xaviers-on-hudson.html Yes the portions are on the larger side and seem a bit dated compared to some top-notch restaurants in NYC. With that said, each dish is packed with flavor. The restaurant's strong suits are in the meat/poultry department, although I've never had a bad fish dish. While it is a heavy starter, I absolutely love the Short Rib and Foie Gras Ravioli, paired with bitter greens and truffle butter. Assuming it is still on the menu I highly recommend it.
  2. Anyone hear anything about this July 10th $10 dinner? Eater posted it as "10-courses for $10" but when I called to make a reservation they said it was only 3-courses. Either way a steal, but it's only available to the first 100 customers who make a res. Add $10 bottles of wine and that's one of the better deals I've seen in awhile. Eater's post: http://eater.com/tags/dealfeed
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    I dined at Txikito the other night and have to say I was very impressed. I wrote a full review here: http://always-eating.blogspot.com/2008/11/...-top-tapas.html , but will provide a summary as well. For the most part every dish was bursting with flavor and they all stood apart from any other tapas I've had in the city. Previously Alex Raij's old stomping grounds, Tia Pol, was in my mind the best in the city, but now I'm leaning towards Txikito. The Arraultza, chorizo, sofrito and fried quail egg, was simply amazing. The richness of the dish was addictive and was so good I ordered it twice. Another favorite was the blood sausage rolls or Morcilla. These tiny little morsels really reminded me of spring rolls, but much much better. I was also a huge fan of the patatas, fries served with spicy cod roe mayo. A departure from the standard patatas bravas, the fries were perfectly crisped, doused with a little paprika and when dipped in the mayo simply delicious. I ordered a number of dishes, but could easily go 1-2 more times without ordering the same thing twice. I think this is what sets Txikito apart from Tia Pol, the fact that there are so many well executed, tasty dishes that it is easy to avoid ordering the same thing everytime. Not that I won't order the Arraultza again, but I like that I don't have to fall back on a handful of dishes. Congrats to Alex, Eber and the team at Txikito, they have a hit on their hands merely two weeks in.
  4. may not be in the city, but X20 in Yonkers has some of the best butterscotch pudding ever. Short train ride on Metro North to Yonkers.
  5. I agree with many of the suggestions here (Jean Georges for lunch, Perry St. for lunch, Ssam or Noodle Bar, etc.) but feel there are also many other spots. Bar Room is a great suggestion and you could also really have a great meal at Scarpetta, the Kitchen Counter at Beacon (well that is $109 a needs a resy), Blue Hill, Picholine (and you can get the $50 giftcard from their site), Eleven Madison Park for lunch and probably more. All depends on if you want lunch or dinner and any specific food or experience.
  6. agreed, I just bought my ticket no problem for Bourdain/Adria. Now what to buy next....
  7. I am very much looking forward to the festival, problem is which events are worthy of the price tag. For the most part the price is pretty high for everything outside of interviews or a minor demonstration. Bourdain and Adria is a must, but beyond that I'm stumped. Thoughts?
  8. What is everyone's can't miss pitmaster. I've never been, and while I'd love to sample every single plate it won't be feasible. Thanks for the help.
  9. I can't wait! That lineup is wonderful. I've got my fastpass and I'm sure to be hungry. Plan is to get there on the earlier side, say 12-1ish and then just follow the bbq.
  10. if I hadn't gone yesterday I would be in. Now I am busy saving up for the next time I can go....which will likely be in the fall!
  11. Turns out Gail Green was there last night too... http://www.insatiable-critic.com/Article.a...s,%20and%20bits
  12. Oh definitely, it was a great experience for him to be there and I am aware that it is not always the case. He was there for the NYTimes photoshoot and even told us he is in the restaurant maybe 1-2 a week with everything else going on in his life/career.
  13. Ate here last night and was blown away. I found the whole 2.5+ hour experience very very memorable. The food, the drinks, and the service were all great. I don't know, but being served by the chefs even if they didn't crack too many smiles was fine with me. Of course, David Chang was behind the counter all night which made it even better (the NYT was there taking pictures - Bruni's review will be out next Wednesday). They had a newish course of "lasagna" with mushrooms, ricotta salata and fried broccoli rabe flowers, a bright green spring pea soup with morrels (amazing) and crawfish, grilled trout and a ham/bacon puree and a different scallop dish than in the past - it featured what seemed like serano ham, caviar and was delicious. Least favorite dishes, the kimchi consommé and pork belly and the trout, both were still good just not great. All fantastic, best meal I've had in recent memory hands down.
  14. I dined at TKC last night and was quite pleased with the overall experience. Some of the courses were new or revised, but for the most part it resembled past menus. I've done a thorough review, which you can find here: http://always-eating.blogspot.com/2008/04/...en-counter.html I would recommend it to anyone considering. Not the best meal ever, but a huge amount of very high quality food in a one of a kind experience (at least to NY). Waldy was a great host and the servers helped make it a special experience. I support the notion that it is one of the better dining deals in the city.
  15. I guess I need to go to Frannys again since, like I said, Amorina has been better to me in terms of pizza. Speaking outside of pizza Franny's takes the cake there without question
  16. thanks for the info. I plan to go Sunday as I will be at the Belmont Stakes on Saturday. I am an AMEX customer and would get the $100 card. My plan was to just grab food to share with 3-4 people, including myself. Sounds like that would work from your description. Thanks
  17. there are other options for food too, simply going to the greenmarket after the gardens is a wonderful option as it gets warmer out, problem is this would be on a Saturday only. I do need to try Franny's again. I wasn't wowed by it, it was good, but not 2 star NYT worthy. I generally go to Amorina on Vanderbilt, 1. short wait and 2. I always find the pizza delicious. Slightly doughy, yes, but the toppings and combinations are unmatched in the area in my opinion. Plus its BYOB...with a corking fee of $10.
  18. I'm a local too, I live 1.5 blocks from Flatbush Farm. I'm not neccessarily saying these places are worth coming into BK by themselves for, but if you are already here for an event, they are good to very good places to eat. Al Di La is not nearly as close especially if you are walking from the Botanical Gardens. If you really want to speak of unmissable, then go to DiFara. Franny's is good, but not unmissable in my opinion.
  19. The new Anita La restaurant, Bar Q, is open and there is already a review on Savorybites.
  20. I've never been, but I'm hoping to go this year. Just wanted to get everyone's opinion on me purchasing one card and sharing the rewards and food with two other people. Will it be enough food? Am I going to tick others off with this approach? Is it worth it?
  21. Frannys for Pizza Flatbush Farm for the artichoke dip and french dip Rose Water for their seasonal and local cuisine La Taqueria for their relatively authentic cheap tacos Beast for a drink and a delicious assortment of tapas Weather Up for a high end cocktail
  22. Just to inform everyone, beginning this Thursday there will be a brand new Spring menu for TKC. I just spoke with Dalila there (the reservationist) as my girlfriend has a food allergy. I'll report back on what the menu is later this week.
  23. I just joined e-gullet and I was inspired by the postings on TKC. I actually had a reservation there back in November, but was forced to cancel. Fortunately, I am going on April 10th and am eagerly looking forward to it. Although I haven't dined there yet I am excited for the interaction with Waldy. I've dined at chef's tables and Degustation is one of my favorite restaurants in the city (for the food and experience), but I get the sense that TKC offers even more intimacy. Thanks for all the postings over the months, and of course the pictures. I'll be sure to let everyone know how my experience is and I'll be posting a review as well (the review will be here: http://always-eating.blogspot.com/).
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