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  1. whenever i make a vinegarette and i store it in the fridge the olive oil hardens.is there an ingredient to add or a way to prevent this?this never happens with commercially purchased dressing with no preservatives. thanks
  2. fresh is always better.but in your case since the fish was flash frozen after it was caught.the frozen one would probably be better.just don't rush the thawing process.
  3. kenchin2007

    Sushi Brining

    you want to be careful with the escolar cause youll get diarreah if you eat to much
  4. kenchin2007

    Sushi Brining

    you can also dip mackerel(aji) in vinegar just before serving as sushi or sashimi most of the fishes that are cured are shiny silvery fishes(hikarimono) for salmon and bream you do not need to cure especially for bream.bream is a very delicate fish.you can sear the skin a little with a torch and eat it.a lot of people eat bream sushi with salt instead of soy sauce. a good thing to do to the salmon is to shockit or sear it.if you want to shock it dip the fish in boiling water and the immediately pull out and put it in ice water the pat to dry.you will see the white strands and impurities in the boiling water from the fish.
  5. i was making the roux and after 20 minutes it was pretty dark but not toasted after adding the trinity.after adding it,it had a roasted smell not a nutty one..so i didnt add it because it would probably ruin the soup. is this the way it should smell? thanks
  6. i remember watching an episode of dinner impossible and the guy was telling the people helping out to scrape out the gills but i cant remember the reason.
  7. kenchin2007

    About roux

    is 2parts about 2 tablespoons? thanks
  8. http://youtube.com/watch?v=c-xkL9DbwJc
  9. kenchin2007

    About roux

    hello, i was just wondering for a basic cream or potage type of soup.what is the ratio of roux for the liquids(milk,stock,etc). i do not want to use any heavy cream. thanks
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