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  1. Being as montreal's Farmer's markets are a hybrid even when local produce is in season it's sort of what we're stuck with. But on the plus side the truly local stuff when you can get it is worth the premium. Unfortunately, we're only just now starting to get Ontario produce, so I have to go on memory but at peak prices for local farmers at the markets in town are at least competitive. But our growing season is so short that having any kind of selection at the market turns almost everyone into a bit of a retailer. I'm a great fan of my outdoor, here in Cote-des-Neiges, open 24hrs once they start selling produce, they usually have the best prices on almost everything. But they aren't a farmer's market, they just look the part, it's a single vendor, and they occasionally get batches of things in from local growers at clearout prices. I just came back from there when i found this thread actually. Out of town near our cottage there's a great farmer's market that's open during the summer. But the winter is a tough mistress so it's mostly honey, preserves, wine and bread with only two or so produce farmers in attendance. The vinter is well priced, the meat and cheese are slightly more expensive, but those that also sell into the commercial chain are cheaper from the market. Which is nice because organically raised goat cheese stretches my budget as is, considering how fast it gets scooped up. Interestingly, in the same county there is an actual farmer who has what amounts to a grocery on his land, he's a touch more expensive and buys in wholesale like the stalls in Montreal. Weird experience walking through the squashes, but seeing commercially produced strawberries from out of province in the cabin.
  2. After watching tonight's episode, and the preview of next week's, I'm going to have to agree. It's like nobody involved with food has heard of him there either. Also, they get flavoured milk at school? Weird! ~20yr old memories of going to a storage room in the school to pick up a bunch of cartons of milk for the class are coming back rather vividly now.
  3. mmmm, mangosteen! One of the things i miss most about visiting SE Asia, but I can get them here sometimes. Fresh soursop on the other hand..
  4. Wow, lots of way cool stuff. Definitely keeping an eye on this thread. Lately I've been rather modest with my adventures. Having enjoyed BeeHoon in singapore i went in search of glass noodles. I bought a few packages of rice noodles by accident until i found some mung bean ones. they cook up clear, but traditionally are served in a brown sauce.
  5. I can also help with the young coconut. I haven't come across much, but Fu Tai in Cote des Neiges mall has, and at a price not far from the dried brown kind everyone is used to here. Was quite happy to find that! note, their stock isn't always perfect, so do make sure you look closely at the bottom.
  6. Pandan aka Pandanus leaves at Kim Hour they're decent, as in they're the closest thing i've found in montreal to the actual fresh leaf where it's indigenous. All the other places i've found it's either bad turnover or frozen.
  7. A whole mess of Hemp-flour pancakes. with chunks of raspberry thrown into the batter, and the requisite tablespoon or so of maple syrup.
  8. The (insert superlative) Jian Ghomeshi interviewed everyone's favorite montreal chef on his radio show yesterday. link here: http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/qpodcast_20080522_5909.mp3 I've yet to listen to it.
  9. That doesn't sound like very much. I would imagine that in a worst case scenario your stuff would be neglected in favour of the larger customers. It happens in a lot of industries where the littler guy gets squeezed out of his merchandise despite a contract. I wish you the best of luck.
  10. The local healthfood store has bulk for $3.36 a pound. Better than the brand named stuff in 1lb bags on the shelves, but ... I'd like to know if i could get it cheaper.
  11. My initial reaction is starting to sound silly. I can only tell so much from a judgement call like 'good match' or bad match. A bigger red and a soft white fish, ya, a bit tricky How did you come to decide on the menu in the first place?
  12. You know, ive read this post of yours several times now, and i think i'd very much like to sit at a table that fits your description. If you find the place I'll come patronise you.
  13. I just popped down to the westmount location of Bilboquet for a LaTire. It's as good as they say!
  14. In my in-expert opinion, but with some experience of odd drink-food mismatches, i would say that timing could curry favour. I know it's not exactly conventional but you could serve the wine before the third course, or move away after the meal for an aperitif. Or it could work anyway? sometimes things just work. even though they don't. good luck anyhow.
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