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  1. I hate cleaning the whole kitchen after hubby decided to give me a time-out cooking...he is usually clinically clean on other parts of the house but when it comes to my kitchen, fuggedaboutit!
  2. austramerica

    Dinner! 2008

    Here is how DH's dinner looks like... with cranberry/walnut mix up front, zucchini with cherry tomatoes and baby carrots. I only had the chicken slices and the cranberry mix in mine. I served both with crescent butter rolls.
  3. austramerica

    Dinner! 2008

    I have been cooking almost all day today so tonight I just cooked spaghetti with shrimps and scampi butter. I wasn't able to take a photo but I did take a photo of our dessert... Tapioca Maple Pudding with Pralines
  4. If I want rice to be sticky, I use half long grain and half short grain rice. The label of water has something to do with the cooking too. I was taught that the first line of the middle finger is how much water you put in the rice. If you want your rice to be sticky, add a little bit more water higher than the first line of the middle finger. It does not matter how wide or how deep your sauce pan is...the measurement is still the same.
  5. Hot Cross Buns -- Australia. I am an Australian so even if I live here in the US, I made this HxBs for me and DH: I did not take a good photo but the taste is OK....as long as my husband like it...
  6. austramerica

    Dinner! 2008

    Bruce, that looks so good...!! What is a mojito mix, Marlene? I love that you cooked it for 9 hours...my kind of cooking if I may say so... Thanks... austramerica
  7. Hi Guys...thanks for the info here even though I just came upon this thread. I do not know who K8memphis is so I am not going with him/her (?) but I found out that I am to go to Texas to pick up my new car (and drive it home, too...) so it is nice to know where DH and I can go for a feed. Cheers, austramerica
  8. I am with you in this...I've seen this used indoors and wondering about smoke detectors if inside the house...what about when the food is cooking...it will sure bring out smoke, won't it? A portable like that will be nice and free up the barbeque space in my stove for other cooking...and I do not live in an apartment, so that will be nice...provided my smoke detector doesn't complain...
  9. austramerica

    Dinner! 2008

    Looks delish, Chris!!! I love duck with crispy skins... For tonight's dinner. I made use of DH's tomato salsa and mixed it with a few other vegetables and some slices of sausage, mixed it with three eggs, spooned in coffee cups and steamed for 20 minutes. I served it with a few slices of sourdough. Sorry there wasn't any pictures as by the time I finished putting them in serving trays (for dinner in front of the tv) hubby said he couldn't spare his tummy a few more minutes for the photoshoot. austramerica
  10. I only ever buy the supermarket variety from the fresh food section but I do wash my mushrooms very briefly and leave them off to drain on top of paper towels while I prepare the other ingredients for my recipe. Anyway, if I am going to have mushrooms I prepare the mushrooms first before any other ingredients.
  11. I agree with you on this...I do the same as you -- order tea but don't use theirs, use mine.
  12. Tonight I did the Lemon Chicken recipe of hzrt8w for dinner and this is how it turned out for me...very tender and moist at 4 minutes. My husband loved it very much! I will certainly do it again...Thanks for the recipe, hzrt8w...I have to add a tinnie little bit of apple cider vinegar (the only one I can reach at the time) to the sauce because it is a little bit too sweet to my taste. austramerica
  13. If you will be in Melbourne between May 30 to June 3 (as I will be there even longer than that...as least 3 weeks) ....checkout the Melbourne Food and Wine festival. It will be interesting... austramerica
  14. Thanks for the link...I will try this method tomorrow for sure...will take a photo later on IF it turns out right for me... austramerica
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