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  1. anyone else playing around with foams? after seeing Jamie Boudreau's guest appearance on Small Screen Network, i've made the aforementioned maple foam and am now playing with a cucumber foam (perfect i think for those minty beverages). just trying to get the portions right for now, wondering if anyone else has had notable success. my mind is wandering onto berry flavored foams for my next attempt...
  2. It's a damned fine libation -- Rittenhouse, green Chartreuse, lemon, maraschino (Luxardo) -- one of those sorts of remarkable drinks that are hard to fathom in your mouth. Thank you, Phil Ward. ← Ha! That's what I'm sippin' on right now. Damn tasty.
  3. I've seen some good-looking recipes like the 19th Street Special over at Death and Co. (bakers, aperol, lemon, muddled tangerine) and a scary one or two like Dr. Cocktail's Leatherneck (blended whiskey, lemon and blue curacao), here's the question for the fellow die-hards of the brown goodness - How do you stand by your favorite girl(guy) in June/July?
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