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  1. The recipe that Flavors of Brasil gave is not for Carne Seca. It is the "domestic" recipe for Carne de Sol. Carne Seca is diferent from Carne de Sol. Carne de sol has just a litle salt, Carne seca is more like a Salted Cod Fish. I don´t know where you live Loki, but to make the real carne seca you will need a dry weather with low humidity (like a desert). I recomend that you try this recipe. Take 1 kg meat ( you choose ) and 1 kg salt. Cover the meat with the salt and leave in your refrigerator for about 8 days. Always put off the water that come out from the meat. Bye!
  2. Hi guys, where can i find progressive cuisine or molecular, stores in Paris ??? I am in Barcelona now, but unfortunately i can't find anything. I am particulary loookink for a smoke pistol. Thanksss
  3. Thanks Man! The mayor problem is that i really want to try a more "molecular" cuisine. Sauc apears to be more traditional... What you think ?
  4. Really Thanks Dalej I will realy try this place!!! I will also go to florence and Veneza, do you know where can i eat trufles from alba ? Best Regards
  5. Casa Cruz was the best restaurant in BAs for me ! Excelent meal and wines! I have the photos from my diner there... This was a Pumpkin Sorbet with tangerine syrup! Octopus with Passion fruit pure and bacon crisps... Superbeb! This was a shrimp in cocunut cream, with lemongrass oil and a light pasta that i can`t recorded... Oh this was so good! It is a foie gras terrine, with mustard , apples and honey ! I can´t remember this dishes below The last one was a Scallops with chorizo, cauliflower and pear pure and crisp garlic
  6. Alexandra i ate just once in Eñe São Paulo (july 2006) and it was very very good. The chef stills to be "Japa" ? In Eñe Rio i ate more than 5 times and it is always perfect. The service is bad i have to adimt, but this is a major problem in Rio de Janeiro. Roberta i ate 3 times; One it was ok, the second superb and the third very good.
  7. Really Thanks! I have already saw DiverXO ! I think i will go to Alkimia... Best Regards!
  8. I went to Zaza and was horrible, don´t go there! There is a new restaurant in Rio, Eñe. It is spanish cuisine and it is very very good! Roberta SudBrack and Eñe for me are the best in town!
  9. Thanks roosterchef21 ! I think i will enjoy a lot L`Arpege! Food Snoob... The cheaper glass wine costs 25 euros ? I will just drink a glass hahahaha!
  10. Pork Belly do you know others good restaurants with the same price as Alkimia in Madrid ? Can Roca is very expensive for me Thanks !!!
  11. Hey Guys! I made a sucessful reservation at L´Arpege(lunch) and Astrance(dinner) !! I was reading that the wine list from L`Arpege is overpriced. How much a regular Champagne Botle costs there ? And the wine glass ?
  12. Its sad, but unfortunately i will cant go to Terrazas. The menu costs 130 euros per person, since we are four it will be very expensive. So, i was thinking in Alkimia ? What do you guys think ? Really Thanks!
  13. Thanks Food Snob, i will make a reservation there!
  14. Thanks KD ! Since there is no diference between lunch/dinner i will call tomorow to L Astrance to try a diner reservation there... But for lunch i am now in doubt between Alain Passard an Pierre G. I really apreciate the syle from Alain...taking a ingredient to it´s best. Pierre´s foods seesms to be a litle complicated, with a lot os elements... And i am reading a lot o bad reviews from it... What do you guys think ??
  15. I am a bit confused know, because i have read in Astrance topic that in the lunch i can just eat the 3 dishes menu (Menu Dejeunerr) Is this right ? And the prices for lunch/dinner are the same ? Because if they are i prefer going on Gagnaire to lunch and dining in Pascal... I try to find the restaurant's e-mail but i had no success... Thanks!
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