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  1. Today the staff had a meeting with chef and the GM. We discussed in detail our issues with Rob; our attempts to correct the situation before escalating to management, his behavior and food safety concerns. In all 7 people spoke up. One by one we told our tales of frustration. Rob was fired today. In a way I feel sorry for the kid. He had a golden opportunity to learn a trade for free, but chose to take the low road. He's 18 and is going to be a father in 6 months. Were I in his shoes I would bust my butt and take the advice as given. Now he's jobless in a very difficult market. Due to his
  2. Do you know the type? Arrogant, dumb, incompetent, disorganized, a ass kisser, who shifts blame? I work as a cook. I work with an 18 year old kid who cannot take any criticism what so ever. His sanitation skills make me think that eating out of a cat box would be more healthy than serving the food he cooks. He has managed to anger nearly everyone I work with due to his lack of preparation, inability to prioritize, and his constant blame of other people. Nobody wants to work with him. Due to his sanitation issues alone I cannot recommend this establishment to my friends. My boss confronted h
  3. I thought Michelle Gayer was working there, the quality should be superb, she was Charlie Trotter's Pastry Chef for years. Her desserts are usually stulitifying
  4. Grant Achatz was sick at the same time I was. His own stories of Illness and tenacity, and focus on work really struck a chord in me. If he can do it. I can do it. I tip my hat to you chef!
  5. I admire his tenacity While he became Ill with Cancer, I as a Culinary Student just prior to graduation fell ill With AIDS, Cancer (Oral), Pneumonia, A burst Appendix, and a spinal infection. It seemed as if his tenacity infected me as well. I remember days in which I could not walk a block, climb a flight of stairs, could not eat anything, I went from 220# down to 135 yet one of my fellow Culinary student/neighbors, kept insisting on cooking, he knew it put me in a positive space, and he kept going deer hunting, and showing up with Venison, in need of butchering. I remeber carving that beaut
  6. Our shifts go from noon-1 am. 5 days a week. The kitchen never closes. I am a VA Patient. It seems that all they do is issue me pills. Talking new ideas is a challenge. I am doing Yoga. I also requested a reduction of hours. Time and a half is good, but healing comes first.
  7. HIV dies as soon as it exits the body. According to HACCP regs it is perfectly safe. I would never have spent thousands of dollars if it were not. It was bad luck on my part to become ill in the middle of college after my core cooking classes were done. Just English, Spanish, a research paper, and an internship. I was so sick on some days that I could not climb a flight of stairs. Yet you bring up food and I lit up. Why is it that the subject that puts me in my best place and opens me up to new ideas, is my greatest physical challenge? Life is funny. Healthwise I am at a crossroads. He
  8. Solera is not too bad: 29 bucks several courses. Get the migas a calamari, and breqad salad in all it's garlicky glory! Alma 40.00 tasting menu. Always excellent. The Dakota Jazz lounge offers live music and reasonable rates. Fogo de Chao offers a 22.50 lunch special that will satisfy the meat lover. Vincent is great for a burger stuffed with spare ribs, and gruyer, and carmelized mushrooms. 112- awesome little plates. There is a little Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Quan. The building is rather nondescript. Old chairs and tables. But a little wide eyed girl, helping her Mom will bring yo
  9. I am a recently graduated culinary student. I have been ill for 14 months with AIDS, Cancer, Pneumonia, and when things were looking good, Appendicitis. It has been an uphill battle. Yet I drove on, I had to. I must be a chef dammit! I never gave up on graduation. I had to just finish my general education courses, and focus on healing. Upon graduation a new restaurant hotel in my city hired me. The place is full of alumni from Alinea, the French Laundry, Craft (NYC) and numerous top haunts in the five state region. I am honored to be included in this cast of 30 out of 600 applicants. Prior
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