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  1. Just bought a Sous Vide supreme and have used it a few times. Very happy with the results so far. I have so many questions. I am receiving Mr. Baldwins book any day now and am looking forward to learning more about this technique. Just a quick question if anybody can help me out. The other day I made flank steaks @ 134 degrees F for about 24-25hrs. What do you do with the juices in the bag? I felt terrible dumping them down the drain. I was a little concerned with food safety issues. The steak was amazing anyway even without a sauce but I was just wondering if the juices can be used for a jus or gravy. Love all the informative posts about sous vide. Thanks for all the hard work.
  2. Have an abundance of banana peppers from the garden. Would love some help on how to pickle them to make pepperoncini. Thanks for any help
  3. Just curious about everyone's opinion about cookbooks for the active healthy lifestyle. I only have the Best Light Recipes from Cooks Illustrated. Wondering if there are any other out there that are worth buying. Most light recipes like Weight Watchers stuff is usually void of taste. I know you will always sacrifice a bit of flavor when you cut back on fat and salt but some light recipes are downright awful. Thanks
  4. I have about 40 little Thai ornamental peppers that I grew this summer. They grow like crazy. I ate a raw one for the hell of it. What a bad idea. It was brutally hot. Does anybody have any recipes for making oils, marmalades or anything else interesting. I also have a few habanero plants that are starting to yield some beautiful little red/orange habaneros. Any recipes would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Great post. I came out of ICE (Peter Kump's) at the advanced age of 32 and promptly got a job at the River Cafe in Brooklyn. Everything your describing is right on, especially the stuff about the change over from lunch to dinner prep. It was so stressful trying to get started while they were still finishing up. Making salad for the staff meal was such a time sucker for your prep for service but it had to be done. I made the mistake of not checking for shucked oysters for a fried oyster app at my station and I screwed myself in the middle of service. Nothing like speed shucking oysters and then doing standard breading procedure in the middle of service. I felt like such a loser.
  6. christian_ramon

    Confit Duck

    This was such an enjoyable topic to read. Just wanted to share another use for the confit that I came across. I worked at a Latin fusion restaurant in Manhattan called Patria that has since closed. The chef there did a duck confit taco with blue corn tortillas, carmalized onions, avocado and queso fresco that was so good.
  7. christian_ramon

    Dinner! 2008

    Great looking dishes, just wondering what veal flank steak is. Never seen it my neck of the woods. Is there another name for it?
  8. christian_ramon

    Dinner! 2008

    Great looking photos and food in this post. I'm new to the forums and have thoroughly enjoyed everything so far. My fiancee thinks I'm such a nerd when I take pictures of my meals. Glad to see I'm not the only one out there. Have to organize some pics and read how to post them. I've never been strong on my plating techniques though. Will try to get somepics up soon.
  9. Just watched a great Diary of a Foodie with Harold McGee and Jose Andrés. Very interesting stuff.
  10. Hello all, First post here. Loving the forum and its interaction between everybody. Feijoada is one of those culinary things that bring out passion in people. Especially people with ethnic ties to the dish. My family is from Spain so paella has the same passionate arguments about ingredients and methods. Never made Feijoada myself but have eaten it a couple of times.
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