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  1. Hi I need recommendations for oven brands. I’m in need of a new wall oven. My old oven, an ariston, is now dying and I require a replacement. I’m eyeing a Miele but its price is rather .. on the steep end. Do you guys know of any? i have space for one that's about 60cm, thanks. I'm also in singapore.. which might limit my brand options.
  2. yimei

    Lamb burgers

    Shoulder is great and cheap. Cumin is great as a flavoring for lamb burgers. ← Really agree about the lamb shoulder. It was recommeded to me by my butcher. I did it with michel richard's lamburger recipe and it turned out wonderfully. It also doesn't harm that its a cheap cut (and thats important when you're making burgers for 25 at home!). This is out of point, but i really prefer to chop my meat by hand using a chinese chopper instead of grinding it.. Kinda like the morimoto way but i don't do it so efficiently or cool-y.
  3. haha.. the pierre herme set is simply adorable . They are sold in various Pierre Herme outlets in Japan. i wish i could have bought the entire collection too . lol.
  4. I adore pocky. lol. i used to eat the plain strawberry version non-stop everyday until i gained 2 kg and got stopped by my mom. Just went to Japan in Dec, and found they are chestnut mad.
  5. Scanpan, classic for me. On top of being oven safe, it comes with a ten year guarantee should it peel blister or crack. Clean up's a breeze with it.
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