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  1. I plan to visit Montreal in early February, staying at the Opus Montreal on the corner of Sherbrooke Street and St.-Laurent Boulevard. My goal is to eat, drink and think like a locavore the whole time I'm there, preferably putting nothing in my mouth that wasn't grown or harvested within 100 miles of where I put my head down on the pillow. I'm hoping that other serious eaters will share with me the tastiest local specialties they know about that are made from local produce and ingredients and are hopefully within walking distance. Since I tend to put right much into my mouth over a day's time, I hope to walk off what I eat. I've already identified Poutine, Smoked meat sandwich, Tourtiere, local lamb, Lac Brome confit de canard, cidre de glace, microbrews, raw-milk cheeses, egg bagels, tarte au sucre, creton, beef cheeks and blood sausage. What else? And where should I go to get them?
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