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  1. Thank you both. I have a mangalitsa shoulder in my freezer and I would like to give it a try and treat it like a steak.
  2. Guys I still can't find a proper recipe for medium to medium rare tough cuts of animals. For example medium lamb shoulder, short ribs, pork etc.
  3. No their main stove top is not induction. I don't work anymore with one so I couldn't tell you a brand!
  4. The oven is MKN Are we gonna have the battle of the chickens for the banquet?
  5. I am pretty sure that this year's brief has confused the chefs. What if someone was using modernist techniques before? Should they go back to classical cooking because that's outside their comfort zone now?
  6. I prepare all tender cuts of ibérico at 55ºC, time as needed for heat to reach core according to tables/apps (or longer for pasteurization), then quick sear. Works well with loin, tenderloin, and presa (pictures on dinner thread). Ibérico cheeks have become my all-time best meat for sous-vide, 36 hours at 65ºC, pictured on the dinner thread. What about collar? We used to do a foie gras burger with it but I don't have a mincer at home (or trade prices foie!)
  7. I am back with my access of frozen/fresh iberico meat at trade prices! Hou would you guys approach it? It is served usual medium/ medium well Ι have a whole loin (well, the trimmed peace after they make lomo, presa, cheeks and a piece of jowel which looks very promising. I ve' done the pressa before in a watervbath and went for a beef ribeye method cooked meium rare on sous vide dash (iirc)
  8. How did Phil do his jelly? Was it gellan?
  9. Does anybody else think that some of these chefs forage anything?
  10. Toufas

    Odd sensations

    was it similar to eating jamon or parmesan?
  11. the bag that they used to immerse the eggs into the water looked weird. Was it just a plastic bag without a seal? Why not put the eggs straight in?
  12. I am also interested in this! But to take it a step further, i want to make the oxtail faggots from Heston at home book. He braises them in stock at 90c for 9 hours, but that's in the oven. How should I do them SV? or should i confit them?
  13. I was actually on the fence for it. Aiden didn't come as a nice guy during his past 2 attempts, but this year he seemed more mature to be honest. Both menus looked really good.
  14. Guys is the juan roca book any good?
  15. I have to say that I feel bad for Johnny, but I really enjoyed the main course episode. Maybe they should implement that in the next years GBM, having the mentor helping both chefs to improve their dishes so their region can be better represented at the final?
  16. Toufas

    The Terrine Topic

    Actually this is exactly what I am after. I checked your blog for recipes but I couldn't find any! Also, which book should I get for terrines? Will charcuterie from ruhlman and rolycyn cover what I need?
  17. I am sure Marcus doesn't mind. Let's not forget for who he was working for before
  18. Toufas

    The Terrine Topic

    yes, but after that? How do i make it into a terrine? Chop up the meat and use some concentrated stock or fat to bind it?
  19. Toufas

    The Terrine Topic

    That wouldnt't be a problem, as I have sous vide equipment. Any recipes or ideas based on that? It doesn't need to be shoulder, but I would prefer a cheap cut of meat.
  20. Toufas

    The Terrine Topic

    What makes you concerned about toughness? Tough to cut/chew or difficult to execute? or are you talking about something where the pork is cooked and served as a whole muscle not ground first? I was thinking about using the whole muscle, as I wouldn't want the texture of ground meat (reminding me of a meat loaf), so yes toughness of meat or dryness are my fears.
  21. What was that elastine/elastic blend that Johnny mountain was using? He mention carrageenan/agar amongst the ingredients
  22. Toufas

    The Terrine Topic

    Ι am trying to recreate a dish into a terrine. The dish can be described as a celery leaves and pork stew. Any ideas on how can I recreate that? I was thinking that I could do a standard pork shoulder terrine and serve it with a light celeriac remoulade, but I am worried that the terrine would be a bit tough.
  23. Hello, is it possible to make agar spheres with a different feeling? Let's say the famous spherical olives, can i have a smaller sphere of red pepper jus inside it?
  24. Hello. I am very interested in activa but I can't seem to find the difference between the gs and the eb versions.
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