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  1. I am a big fan of The Greenhouse, but I have to say it annoys me when they go to such effort to make great bread and then served it cold. Normally don't get as far as pud!! Lovely whole sole served on the bone.... great to see waiters doing their thing at the table. Also a very dodgy canape that when you bit in to it you get most of it on your lap. Over great experience.
  2. I have had some really great food at The Square, some of the best in London; it is most definitely one of the best!! But does the first visit highlight inconsistencies that shouldn’t happen at 2/3 star level?? Hi, I went to the Square for lunch last week. This was my second visit after a poor first one this August. On that occasion, a Bank Holiday, both Chef and sous-chef was out. This time Howard was in and it was great. Food was delicious, not a bad dish in the bunch. Service, good first time, better this; fyi, the manager is excellent. Favourite dish: Very hard to choose! Probably, Ravioli of Calves Tail with Crushed Cauliflower and Chanterelles, White Truffles from Alba; but Roast Isles of Orkney Scallops with New Season’s Perigord Truffle Purée, Ecrasé of Butternut Squash, Chestnuts and Velouté of Cepes, is not far behind. My Lunch at the Square Although a serious let down before, it is now one of my favourites. I was very impressed. A generous restaurant serving 'refined comfort food'. ←
  3. St Pancras Read between the lines, it was not a glowing review. He is simply watching his back!! as the consultant to this new venture is rumored to be Fay Maschler
  4. The previous company was called T&L Co Ltd (Tom & Laura) so I guess the new company is now Tom and Amber or just plan Tom Aitkins, my guess is Tom & Amber My understanding of these situations is, and I am not a legal eagle; it is illegal for a company to trade when it knows it is insolvent, directors loss their Limited liability in those situations and creditors can go after the people behind the failed company. From what I have read in the papers, Tom signed cheques that were running late and post dated knowing there would be no funds to pay. So he is a possible target for creditors, if he has any assets. Tom was not on his own, he had other directors, surely they most also he to blame too. I believe that the company chairman, Mr. Hawksley, not sure of the spelling, but available at companies house, is a fully qualified accountant and an ex Pricewaterhouse partner. If someone dug they might find that he has had other companies go bust. The point is, as an accountant he is a professional. Creditors need to get together, safety in numbers and press for damages against the directors. The problem is that suppliers don’t like to throw good money after bad and there is no guarantee of the outcome.
  5. Sorted- I have been told Brasserie Saint Jacques is the place.
  6. need to entertain someone in London and they have requested Oysters and Steak, any suggestions - they won't eat in a Ramsay joint!!
  7. My experience of HD was a strange mix of highs and lows. The highs being some of the freebie items served in between on the a la carte - a foie gras brulee, a small lobster ravioli, and a bizarrely name corn flour dish. My main items: - a vegetable starter looked like it was made for a farmer and was really uninteresting and bland. Suckling pig with pineapple is a good combination, but the pineapple is to big and suckling pig too small, giving a mis-match of flavors, overly fruity. I think it was a peach dessert, the fact i can't remember says it all. Although my meal was not perfect, i believe it showed enough promise for it to be given a second chance. If I got the same meal twice wild horses wouldn't get me back
  8. i had lunch there two weeks ago and it was excellent. We ate on the lunch menu £18- outstanding value for well executed, well thought and beautifully presented food. I would urge you to try again on the lunch menu and give it a second chance. I think they will get a star in January, it is serious grub.
  9. the real question is, "will pied-a-terre be going up" I ate there last week and it is was the most amazing meal. Seldom do i find a meal so faultless, it must be a contender for 3 stars, it is the strongest of the two star restaurants
  10. I think Pied-a-terre has a room that might suit you.
  11. y wife and I dined here yesterday for Sunday lunch. The restaurant was very quiet but I think Sundays are new for them. On a menu @ £26 for 3 courses, this has got to be some of the best cooking in London. We were totally blown away with the standard of food at the price; the welcoming and charming staff and elegant, informal surroundings. I started with a Carpaccio of scallop with confit fennel and a tarragon jelly,( 2 stars) every bit as good as it sounds. my wife had a salad of crab with cucumber and wasabi with a lime nage,avocado puree and gazpacho mousse (2 stars); might sound complicated, but i can assure you it was ambrosial, food for the gods indeed. mains courses, Pollock with crushed potato and baby veg with a lemon scented broth and Assiette of Rabbit were both well thought out dishes and both excellent in execution and again I would have to say that they would sit very nicely on the menu of any 2 star restaurant. Rhubarb crumble to finish, was another hit. Served in a cocktail, looked really but was a little tricky to eat, bits fall over the edge as you dig in. But the flavours, textures and layers of hot and cold were brilliant. Now remember all this was £26....... The only low point was the rather weak coffee. andrew69davies@yahoo.coukandrew69davies@yahoo.co.uk
  12. L'Autre Pied, although not Michelin Starred yet, I feel certain it will be in due course. I can recommend it , I had an excellent lunch with my family and they were great with my 10 month old baby, high chairs! and bottle warming no problem.
  13. good point!! shall pay more attention in future.
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