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  1. Browsing this thread brought back great memories of visiting Chiang Mai. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Here in San Diego, corned beef is generally obtainable under $2/lb at this time of year. We snagged two 4lb chunks of point - one at $1.69/lb (you could only get one at that price) and one at $1.99/lb. Both are destined to become pastrami at some point in the not-too-distant future.
  3. menuinprogress

    Dinner 2019

    A "Thai"-wanese mashup dish - a combination of Khao Kha Moo (Thai pork leg rice) and Gua Bao (Taiwanese pork belly buns). Braised pork leg and pickled gai choi (Chinese mustard greens) on a steamed bun. I guess they could be called "Bao Kha Moo"...
  4. menuinprogress

    Lunch 2019

    This was our first attempt at recreating Gua Bao, a Taiwanese street snack we enjoyed on a recent trip to Taipei. It is a folded steamed bun, filled with braised pork belly and pickled mustard greens and topped with crushed peanuts. Very pleased with how it turned out - we'll be making these again for sure.
  5. menuinprogress

    Dinner 2018

    Pad kra pao moo with a tomato cucumber salad.
  6. Uttapam with some leftover Gujarati potato/zucchini curry and yogurt sauce (khudi).
  7. menuinprogress

    Dinner 2018

    Chilli-lime chicken. We've been making this dish for years - based on a recipe from a British-Indonesian cookbook. A chicken, chopped into pieces, marinated in soy, black pepper and salt and then shallow-fried. The sauce is red chilli, lime and some sugar. We eat it with a bowl of rice and some greens (this time it was gai lan).
  8. menuinprogress

    Dinner 2018

    Thai steak salad.
  9. menuinprogress

    Dinner 2018

    Bay scallops with andouille and white corn.
  10. Tomato and tofu soup with fish balls and noodles (the rice noodles are hiding at the bottom of the bowl).
  11. menuinprogress

    Dinner 2018

    Our first go at making Khao Kha Moo (Thai pork leg rice). It is pork leg (with plenty of fat and skin) braised in a spiced broth, served with pickled mustard greens, a chili-vinegar sauce and egg. We fell in love with this dish at the famous "cowboy hat lady" Khao Kha Moo stand in Chiang Mai:
  12. menuinprogress

    Dinner 2018

    Roast duck fried rice.
  13. menuinprogress

    Dinner 2018

    Roast duck with asparagus, potatoes and mushrooms. After this picture was taken, it was drizzled with a sauce made from the drippings, which made it both more tasty and less photogenic.
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