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  1. I can highly recommend a place called WASHOKU EN. They have a couple of branches around Tokyo and there is one in Tokyo Dome. It's an upscale izakaya... great food, great interior and great view! You can't go wrong! I don't know if you read Japanese but here is the gurunabi link: http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g620620/
  2. Although there hasn't been much (any?) research done into it, it is widely believed that microwaving plastic wrap, particularly when it is in contact with food, releases dioxins into the food, which of course are highly carcinogenic. Best to use corningware or glass or something like that.
  3. All rice cookers are not the same, so make sure you're cooking in a good one before you bring down the verdict on the brown rice!
  4. I adore brown rice! I eat it almost everyday, some times twice a day. I too, tend to think people who don't like it, just haven't had the "good stuff" or cooked it very well. I use either Japanese koshihikari genmai or Akita komachi genmai and cook it in a rice cooker... Absolutely divine!!! And I love the aroma of it when it's cooking... It just smells like nature!!
  5. My parents are Latvian so I grew up eating dark rye bread. I fins Japanese bread, even the so-called "good stuff" is just too spongy and airy and lacking in any body or texture. That seems to be a recurring theme in Japanese food though.
  6. As I said Kris, I'm quite health conscious so both ton katsu and white bread are two things I don't eat. I'm curious why you feel that it must have only white bread. Yamaya sells German pumpernickel, 5 grain and rye ... I just worry about the amount of preservatives it must have pumped in it... How do they keep it fresh for so long?
  7. I'm generally quite health conscious so I never eat ton katsu or katsu sandos ... You might as well just eat Big Mac! I never eat sandwiches here ... Japanese bread is just so horrible! Even the "good stuff" is never really good.
  8. Hi Jason, I went there a few weeks back. You're right... It's another Roppongi and so on Hills, but much smaller in scale. I enjoy going to the Maru and Shin Maru birus because they are so spacious and open. Akasaka Sacas is not like that. They've opened a branch (amongst others) of a Singaporean restaurant I really like, called HAI NAN CHI FAN. It's much smaller than the Suidobashi branch and doesn't have the same Singapore food court vibe to it either... But, the advantage it has is that it doesn't close between lunch and dinner. I went on a Sunday and it was PACKED! There was a queue of about 20 lemmings outside this place when we got there, so we didn't bother sticking around. We ended up waiting for dinner time and going back to the Suidobashi branch.
  9. Thanks for that Hiroyuki. Usually I'm not such a big nabe fan either. I do like to be healthy though, and I find it's a really great way to eat all those vegetables like shungiku, komatsuna and so on.
  10. Hi Forum! When making nabe I always buy a ready prepared soup (I'm lazy!) ... My favourite is tonyu & goma and would really like to make it myself. Does anyone have a good recipe? Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. That seems to be a common practice amongst better restaurants that offer buffet lunches and a la carte menus. In my experience though, 95% of customers come for the buffet... So, as far as making reservations go, everyone is in the same boat. One of our favourite restaurants, THE MANGO TREE in the Marunouchi Building, has that policy for their buffet lunches too, which incidentally is a MUST if you haven't been there. Hmmm... Don't know why, but I'm a bit suspicious of that one. I strikes me as being a great deal if you're out shopping and want to pop in and eat something, but not as a special occasion restaurant. SO RA SI O was also mentioned on the Sunday specials page... We've been there a couple of times. They also have a happy hour from 5 pm to 7 pm on weekdays and from 4 pm to 7 pm on weekends. It's an OK place, nice if you get a window table... The interior isn't especially nice though. I've only been there twice but both times found it a tad "difficult" (ie not very welcoming staff). They offer these cheap deals but it seems somewhat begrudgingly, in my opinion.
  12. Kris, Thanks for the welcome! I didn't think the Bon Jovi concert would start so early... So, you probably will make it back to Shiodome in time for dinner. I often think if you have the choice between lunch and dinner, that lunch is the way to go in Tokyo restaurants... So much more of a better deal. It leaves you with that little bit of extra cash for a nice bottle of wine to go with the meal! Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend. Please let us know where you end up going to eat and what you think of it.
  13. Hi Kris! My partner works in Shiodome so I've spent a lot of time there and am quite familiar with the restaurants. I can second the recommendation for WASHOKU EN. The food is great and there is a very big selection. It's also quite a big restaurant with a high turnover so I don't think you'll have any problems getting a table when you arrive. The interior is very nice too. It's on the top floor so there is a nice view, although unfortunately, the CARETTA building is right in the way so that's a bit of an obstruction. If you like Thai food, on the B2 level of CARETTA is a great place called SILOM SOI 9. It's pretty cheap so you can eat and drink well for 5000 yen. It's quite small though so you might have to wait a bit for a table. A bit further down the road in Ginza is a great Singaporean restaurant called MY HUMBLE HOUSE. Again, it has a beautiful interior, great food and the food is fairly reasonably priced. Definitely worth the extra walk from your hotel. For breakfast, I don't think there is that much choice but in SHIODOME CITY CENTRE there is a VIE DE FRANCE which opens at 7 am. It faces the courtyard and is fairly quiet so it's a nice place to have breakfast. I don't know anything about the Bon Jovi concert but I think you're being extremely optimistic in thinking you'll get back to Shiodome by 9 pm. The problem is that most restaurants have their last order at about 10 or 10.30 pm so you might miss out entirely on dinner. If you want to make a big weekend out of it, why don't you first have lunch there, then check-in to the hotel and then go to the concert? Not only will it be less rushed but it will be a lot cheaper. Most of the restaurants have cheap lunches. If you like seafood, FISH BANK in City Centre is gorgeous... We had a chef's course set lunch for 5000 yen per person and it was beautiful. OREGON BAR AND GRILL just across the way also have a cheap lunch deal... There is an all-you can-eat salad and entree bar and then you order a main course. It's pretty simple: fish of the day, steak, a burger or a combination. It's cheap although the price varies depending on the main you order. Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend!
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