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  1. Seeing that you're an artisan working a beloved craft, don't sell yourself short on the business end of it.

    People love cheap food. If the quality is there and the price low, you'll make money on hot dogs because of the low margin involved. I'd also make them available to-go for the lunch crowd. Best of luck !!!

    - Jimmy

  2. Thanks for the link Mark...It's a good read. I had no idea asparagus was that involved, no wonder it tastes so good. It probably is to warm here though, quite a shame to invest years pushing a square peg into a round hole. I like the idea of nurturing something like that for the table though. Makes me wonder about some fruit trees and their viability.

    As a side note, I now have an excuse to compost. Till now i've been bringing home the scraps for my own compost pile in the woods.

  3. My favorite failed attempt to bloviate was a menu in an Italian restaurant several years ago. I'm sure you're all familiar with Pasta Puttanesca ("whore's pasta"). This place apparently came up with what they thought was a seafood version and called it Puttanesca de la Mer -- yup, Hookers of the Sea.

    As any mermaid you happen to see . . .


    Yeppers.... Gets my vote !!!

  4. What about hot peppers and the palate ? I keep forgetting not to partake, I'm a big fan but can't taste anything for a while after. Kinda sucks when your plating after you've eaten and you have to trust that you seasoned everything just right.


  5. Hey... Thanks for the great ideas, please keep them coming !

    What I've decided to do is compile a list made from your suggestions and later submit it for approval. I'll update on the various goings on with the garden (i.e. dimensions, planting, varieties, pest control and harvesting).

    In answer to a couple of questions.... We are a year round camp, not in the mountains but in the piedmont. For you non North Cackolacans that translates to the middle of the state. So the world is our oyster as far as growing season is concerned. I've been able to get 2 crops of tomato out in a year. Which translates to LOOOONNNG.

    Here's what I have so far...

    Mustard & Collards, Watermelon

    Asparagus, Cantalope

    Garlic, Strawberries

    Lettuce, Potatoes

    Cukes, R. & G. Peppers

    Peas, Radishes

    Carrots, All types of Onion

    Pumpkin, Black and Blueberries

    A question though... Asparagus takes 3 years to grow ? I didn't know that. Also, I don't believe cross pollination is a matter of concern unless we keep seed for the next year. But that being said, my experience in gardening up until this point has been home based.



  6. Hi All... I'm currently the Sous at a kids camp in N.C. We have a nice herb garden that we use whenever possible. I've gotten the director to buy in on a vegetable garden to boot. We have lots of acreage and free man power (nice problem to have).

    My question is .... What Top 5 items would you grow ???

    on my list right now are....

    ...Heirloom Tomato

    ...Zucc & Squash

    ...Green bean

    ...White Corn

    ...Spring Onion



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