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  1. Hiyas Anne !!!

    In Michael Ruhlmans' book "The Reach Of A Chef" he talked about a conversation that he had with Krishnendu Ray at the CIA. I think it centered on the "Rockstarism" of chefs today.

    He said..."I think as we cook less at home, cooking becomes more magical" Because we don't know how to do these things... I think in the 60s 70s and 80s alot of people got out of the kitchen. But, are returning to it more and more to learn the magic.

    As I've said before cooking is a lost art to some, male and female. If I know a woman that can cook, great and more power to her !!! It doesn't make her less of a woman.


  2. I shop at the H.T. in High Point, and am always on the lookout for the head-on shrimp.

    It usually is on sale for around $5.99 @ pd. Being from Baltimore the classic way is to steam or boil/simmer them. Old bay, kosher salt and bayleaf is all you need. They're done when they turn orange... not long !!!

    The shrimp cocktail dipping sauce is Tulkoffs horseradish and ketchup, preportioned to taste (Tulkoffs on the butter isle, LOL).

    To me, the head of the fresh shrimp are the best part of the meal. Twist and pull the head from the tail, bite, chew and enjoy all the goodness inside. It's quite a delicacy.


  3. Here in the south, I would try to reheat on the grill and serve as a bone-in rib sandwich. I've done it before and made money to boot.


    The burnt end idea is also a money maker !

    Also, you could do a chopped rib sandwich.

    Or a burnt end chopped rib sandwich.

    Brunswick stew is a great idea !!!

  4. The color blue has been associated with sadness... ie "I'm feeling blue" I don't know if I buy into that though.

    I used to spend the summers in Pa. with my brother at my grandparents house. It was in the middle, but rural part of the state (Watsontown). We would drive to my Great Grandmothers house in Beavertown once a week. If we had behaved at an acceptable level the treat on the way home would be a stop at TastyFreeze. We made many of these stops and many more passes than I would have liked.

    Now I usually got the same thing over and over.... a soft serve swirl of vanilla and chocolate. But, this one day they had a special. A blueberry soft serve, maybe an actual mixture of vanilla and blueberries. It was great !!! To this day I can remember how good the taste of that ice cream was. They never offered it again. For years as a kid I looked for it over and over never to find it.

    To me as a kid, it was like tasting veal stock or demi for the first time.


  5. I think it has more to do with being true to self...

    We hold ourslves to a higher standard, perfectionalists no less. In it's base form cooking is a very subjective thing. We try to invent or make something that is no less than perfect.

    But, without feedback you'll never really know. It's the response to what your trying to achieve that really matters in the end. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don't.


  6. Okinawa in the early 70's the yen was 320 to the US dollar...In the early 80's it was around 220 to the dollar. Just 2 years ago it was about even up....110 to the US dollar. The funny thing about this is this.... the price of a can of coke in Okinawa was the same in 1972 as it was in 2006.

    As to not derail the thread... look at the prices of lesser cuts of meat and poultry. Chicken wings the same as legs and thighs ??? I understand the what to do with the left over chicken part mentality. A dozen wings creates a lot of chicken parts. But how can they explain the rise in oxtail to $4.99 @ $5.99 a pound ?

    Oh yeah...while I'm venting $3.99 a pound for tomatoes ???? The drought in Florida was over 3 years ago!!!

    It's seems our brothers have learned from the gas barons....once the price goes up it can stay up.


  7. I'd go the Okinawan Rafute route...


    Boil...Rinse...boil again and rinse... about 40 mins.

    Simmer in equal parts of Soy, Sugar, Awamari/Sake... garlic 2 cloves for about 1-2 hours and serve with rice.


  8. Thanks for the replies.... I had been thinking about edible flowers especially for garnishing purposes. Sunflowers are a great idea as well as a berry patch. Strawberries being my favorite !!!

    A quick update on what's going on with the garden. Discussions are under way as to how and what type of garden to do. We have many options...

    We have been growing herbs in huge 50 gallon planters. Cherry tomatoes could be planted in more of these to give kids quick access to picking, washing and eating.

    The CEO and camp founder owns a farm and has previously expressed interest in growing produce for the camp.

    My desire would be to place it behind our eating hall, as this would expedite time management for the kitchenstaff as well as me.

    Lastly, it would be placed in a central location and become a new program for the kids to take place in on a regular basis. This is probably the best option all around. We may be able to expose a child to gardening/farming who has never set foot on a farm before. Also, that one picky eater just might try a bite of tomato because he or she picked it.

    On a side note, I can't wait to see the expressions on some on our externs faces when it's their turn to shovel horse manure for the compost pile...


  9. I remember reading that some Japanese Wagyu cattle are being sent to the U.S. and Australia to be raised under strict Japanese guidelines and then sent back to Japan for slaughter. The article said that since it was slaughtered in Japan it can keep the Kobe name. Given the amount of disinformation on the web, i'm curious if anyone has heard of this?

    as to not hijack the thread here's a link to ADiRECT Foods... https://www.adirectfoods.com/shop/top

    They're out of Cali.... I've dealt with Mr. Dojo before, not to buy Waygu but to precure Okinawan Sea Salt. He found out that we are a non-profit kids camp, and couldn't wait to donate 50 pounds of the stuff.... 3 DAY AIR !!!


  10. It seems like they judged you before they knew you... Without teamwork you have nothing. I remember the days of hey you*%^&%* come here....where are my mo^&^*&^* ing pots. The pendulum swings a political correctness and sometimes ...it sucks.


  11. -Keep searching the paper....research those in need.

    -Find the best in your area and tell them like it is...you'll wash pots, dice onions, whatever it takes, trail/trial.

    In the end you have to ask yourself "What is it I want to do in the food industry" and form a game plan.


  12. CHEESESTEAK HOAGIE.... sliced razor thin, lottsa fat, chopped while frying add provolone, lettuce, tomato, mayo & a quality roll.

    The "Real Thing" in Towson, MD. has been doing it like this for over 20 years. I think it's the best, the meat is chopped fine like ground beef.


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