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  1. Mister Muscle in the oven (thru Sysco)....bleach solution in the fridge. Nice web page by the way! -Jimmy
  2. That's quite a piece, very nice pick-up ! I'd say use it, it is worthy of a wall mount for sure. I've always had trouble keeping things as closet queens. An heirloom has much more meaning with the patina of time. -Jimmy
  3. Good one....I think that my point/joke/sarcasm was missed. You can't really taste a croissant,cheesecake and the like till they're finished. Rock-on Randi -Jimmy
  4. I've been in your position and know this to be true. Keep doing what you do... your heart and soul are in it the same clientele is the same clientele opinions bring more opinions sometimes clientele bring recipes be seen and thanks always follows -Jimmy added to note ... Show me a pastry chef that tastes everything before finish, and I'll show you a charlatan.
  5. JimmyWu

    "Behind You"

    and the bane of the FOH.... 86'd. -Jimmy
  6. JimmyWu

    "Behind You"

    I'll ditto on that Toby.... In my brief years in the foh, it was touchie feelie out of necessity. I doubt patrons want to hear worker bees chirping "behind you" every couple of minutes. Dang...Why did I leave ?!?!? -Jimmy
  7. JimmyWu

    "Behind You"

    In restaurants you develop peripheral vision, most of the time you're aware of your surroundings. I know who's coming down the line for the most part, even before you declare yourself. I was once in the middle of a brunoise all hunkered down and had a newb slap me on the back as she was passing by. It scared the @#$# out of me !!! My knives are sharp, and I'm fast with them. Please don't touch me.....LOL -Jimmy
  8. At camp we have to plan on 1.5 portions per child, extras they call it. Whatever extras or seconds that don't go out we turn into other dishes. The leftovers are convenient in the use of lateral cooking. Chix. breast sand. === Avglolemono soup Marinara sauce === Cream of Tomato & Artichoke Baked potatoes === Potato skins -Jimmy
  9. JimmyWu

    "Behind You"

    I use them too... "behind you" "coming thru" and "hot stuff". I worked with a chef that would call out "Hot stuff burn ya and laugh". I use "coming thru" alot now, my chef talks and points with his knife. Which to me, a very bad thing, LOL. Last summer, I called out "Hot Stuff" while carrying a hotel pan of food. One of the retired part time ladies turned and said "Oh Jimmy stop bragging". I thought she was talking about the food. It took me a few days to figure out she wasn't. LOLOL -Jimmy
  10. Sashimi and Sushi... mix in a little Tempura and re-do your vows !!! -Jimmy
  11. Yes...The Wikipedia does do the dish justice. As Tokakris stated marinated pork rib meat w/ scallions and pickled ginger (I think). I've not had it with pork belly. As a couple of side notes.. My aunt does make a great pork belly dish called Rafute. It's made with all the usual ingredients, awamari or sake, mirin, soy, bonito stock and sugar. I have trouble getting anything under a 50 pd. case here in the states, so I substitute country style pork rib for the dish. I'm kinda stuck in Rafute mode right now !!! My mother has the butcher cut babyback ribs across the bone into little riblets and adds them to her Japanese style curry. -Jimmy
  12. Here's a pic after transplanting... 20 types of tomatoes are a good thing!!! -Jimmy
  13. My vote goes out to Okinawan Soba ! -Jimmy
  14. Good advice given !!! A coffee filter (nouet) works in a pinch for a bouquet garni, and a commercial size coffee filter (blanchet) in a strainer or chinois. -Jimmy
  15. Wood would be the choice material... I might be mistaken, a stainless steel cabinet will rust with iron sitting on top of it. -Jimmy
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