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  1. My vote is definitely for Death & Co. with a close second for a Rita Hayworth at Elettaria. But if there is only time for one place, I'd go to Death & Co. and hope Juaquin was working!
  2. Had yet another fantastic experience last night! The spring menu is great, and many cocktails were had. The Riviera blows me away; so soft, subtle, spring-y! NY Sour was really yummy, the Pulque w/ Blood Orange & Chocolate bitters.....yay, Kirk!! Of course the Juliet and Romeo is always a favorite. Dark & Stormy, Hush and Wonder, Sazerac, and finally a Chartreuse cocktail not on the menu. Michael was a rock star and took superb care of us. Woo-Hoo!
  3. I giggled with delight and bounced in my chair for the entire tour!! No pretention, just an amazing experience.
  4. Yes!! I am so bummed!...maybe they were temporarily out, but it sounded to me like they were no longer serving it there.
  5. I was there twice last week when I was in town! It's always so good! Steamed pork buns a must, the smoked duck was great, kimchi stew, and that soft serve (we had peanut butter) ice cream is sick!! I wish I had tasted the pistacio on the first visit...it was gone by the time I went back. They unfortunately stopped serving the yummy beer whose name I can't remember...it has an owl on the top of the cap. I hope they bring it back; their other choices were not so good.
  6. Congratulations to Toby for winning Time Out New York's Iron Mixologist last night!! It was quite creative; a spicy shot followed by a sweet one....what was that you made, Toby? Nice work!
  7. Good luck with that! I also have a bridge to sell you if you are interested.... ← Easy....! I'm looking for the good mojo.
  8. I'm coming out again next week and will be trying to get in. Preferably Tuesday or Wednesday, but I'm sure we'd take anything that comes up. Keep yer fingers crossed!!
  9. Sorry....I live in Chicago, so don't know my way around very well!!!
  10. You should hit Hotel Delmano for cocktails.
  11. When I was in The Violet Hour on Monday I had the chance to taste many of the new spring cocktails, and even looked over an informal list, as the menus hadn't been printed up yet. During and after hours there was quite a bit of bandying going on. The best I recall, yet not sure if it'd make it in print, was The Lovely Choke. As they aren't mine to give out, I feel it wouldn't be right to list the ingredients, but had to give a nod to the name!!
  12. Good luck with that; I was just there for a week and was hoping to get in, but alas, to no avail. Maybe next time....Good thing there are so many other wonderful places to go!
  13. This is great - I love the comraderie that Ko is bringing out in eGulleters! ← It's about time! This thread has been kind of a bitch fest...
  14. ETA: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/articles/re...pretty-in-drink This is kinda funny I thought. ←
  15. newbie21


    Right-O...Rita, Ginger, Jane. It's hard to keep all those babes straight!
  16. newbie21


    I was a novice to the pig's foot, and it was great! The Rita Hayworth, though, had pineapple and sage infused tequila. I think you're thinking of the Ginger Rogers...
  17. Sounds good...I was hoping for Chicago. Best of luck!
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    I went in early last evening, and man-o! That Rita Hayworth is spectacular! We were pressed for time, so I didn't try any other cocktails. The stuffed pig's feet and saag paneer were oh-so-yummy!
  19. And may I add that Jauqin was in Chicago mixing at The Violet Hour, and what an amazing time was had! His drinks were immpecible and his knowledge extensive. C'mon back soon! immpeccible???? immpecable. Wow.
  20. Thanks for the hand, Toby! The jellyfish Pad Thai, the Beer Cheese Soup and the Antelope were highlights for me, in addition to the aforementioned Quail Egg Ravioli. Yummmm!!!! There were some candied sweetbreads in one of the desserts, which was a first for me. Just a bite was enough, but it was interesting!
  21. Sorry, Schwa re-opened Wednesday; we went on Friday... ← And? ← Right--Once again, I wish I had the menu to share with you. We had 12 courses, with the addition of the quail egg ravioli that I'd had back in August. Quite seriously, everything was amazing!. The room was rockin, the wine and champagne were flowing, and everyone seemed really happy. Followed up by incredible cocktails at The Violet Hour. Perfection.
  22. Hey Ronnie, I'm in for The Violet Hour as well! Thanks, Kristen
  23. Sorry, Schwa re-opened Wednesday; we went on Friday...
  24. I was able to get in on Wednesday! Unfortunately, I do not have a menu with me, but everything was outta this world. Micheal seemed to be in great spirits and is back with a bang! Yummy! Congratulations!
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