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  1. Even with my limited knowledge, I don't think that's right....the Kold Draft ice melts so slowly, and, with or without kold draft, I don't think the bartenders are trying to figure water from melted ice into their ratios.
  2. Did he say that he wasn't a professional bartender? Well... the time I met Kent for drinks and we talked about what he did for work, professional bartending didn't come up. So took that as a reasonable indication that he's not a professional bartender. Regardless, shaking out specialty cocktails in an open bar for 125 people by yourself wouldn't be easy even for an experienced professional bartender. ← Sorry, I didn't realize that you knew Kent and thought I'd missed something. As to the latter comment, I agree!
  3. Did he say that he wasn't a professional bartender?
  4. I've been to Allen & Delancey a couple of times, and it just didn't seem that dark to me. It was already dark out, though, and we sat at the bar. I thought it was cozy, warm, and Alex is fabulous!
  5. Did you pre-order from the website?
  6. Ippudo gets my vote. Yum!! Blasted 1000 mile distance!!!
  7. People drink in good times and bad. It may be the one constant in this crazed economy. Although I do ask about drink specials, whereas I never used to.
  8. I like mine green and neat....mmmm, that's the stuff!!!
  9. newbie21

    Per Se

    Wow. Words seem difficult to describe the experience of the night. Sublime. Perfection. We had a private dining room, so taking pictures wasn't a problem. I didn't take them, but am hoping to get them in a couple of days. The staff was absolutely impeccable, and greeted us warmly, while we were as nervous as a kid on their first day of school. We made good use of the private dining room, however, and ended up (6 hours later) comfortable, immensely sated, and laughing raucously. Great tour of the kitchen and wine rooms, to boot!!! More later, hopefully with some pics. Cheers!!! What a life-affirming privilege.
  10. newbie21

    Per Se

    I'll definitely report back, though more than likely without the pics and extensive review. I'm going on Sunday, so I'll catch up with y'all next week!!
  11. newbie21

    Per Se

    I am coming in this weekend to go for dinner!! Woo-Hoo!
  12. He came in to the Violet Hour last night for a nightcap.
  13. By all means, the best part was meeting so many great people and seeing Chicago and New York friends tear it up in the Big Easy! Ok, and Gary Regan and LeNell's panel was alot of fun, too! I'd go back, again and again...
  14. Yeah, yeah, I thought he was there for the whole run. What a blast! Although they worked the tails off the 'apprentises', who happened to be some of the best bartenders to be found.
  15. Hmmm, I just saw Juaquin down in New Orleans the last few days for Tales of the Cocktail. Perhaps he didn't arrive until Friday; it was a whirlwind! ...Ah, I see you saw him down there, not at D & C.
  16. I have to agree; you've got to go for the nine. And because it's a BYOB, you'll be spending considerably less than the other places you visit. You'll LOVE it!!!!!
  17. Woo-Hoo! Thanks to Toby and everyone at The Violet Hour for a most amazing year of new and wonderful experiences! Truly life-affirming; t'anks ; .)
  18. Thanks! I'll try to check it out next time I'm in town; it looks great!
  19. Where is it located in Brooklyn?
  20. Had one last night at The Violet Hour....Spectacular!!
  21. Ok, so I went last night and had dinner at the bar. Mike took tremendous care of us and made the best Sazerac I've ever tasted. The short rib ravioli absolutely blew my mind. We had a great time and look forward to going back; promise not to be the last to leave next time!
  22. The Violet Hour has featured two tea drinks that I know of. The Lady Grey, made with (I believe) Plymouth, Twinnings Earl Grey, simple syrup, egg white and a lemon twist. That was on the winter menu and was fantastic! The Palmer D'or is on the spring menu and is made with Beefeater, Orange Pekoe Tea, lemon and egg white.
  23. I haven't eaten there either, but I was at an event catered by Otom several weeks back, and I must say, was very underwhelmed. Hopefully, as said above, they've turned things around. I'll have to go in and sample some of their cocktails, though!
  24. Congratulations to Toby and The Violet Hour for making Esquire's list of Best Bars! (June edition) We were in again last night and Toby and Michael were mixing up the magic...yummy!!
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