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  1. What you are trying to build is very simalar to a pot used in homebrewing for beer. These pots are all assembled and come in different sizes. They have the spot for the valve and some even have a spot for a thermometer. You can also buy a false bottom for you pot so that the liquid will drain and not take the solids out. This type of pot is sometimes called a Mash Turn. So if you have a homebrewing supply store near by you might want to check them out. Also some of them will modify pots . This probably will be a little less expensive than going to a metal shop.
  2. My son and I have a catering business near San Diego. And about 2 years ago we needed to get a 10 quart mixer. We priced both new and used and found a company in Texas that makes a really great mixer. The name of this company is Thunderbird food machines. They make a fine product and their service is very good. I needed a meat grinder attachment for the mixer and it was no trouble getting info from the company. I know that Hobart has a very good reputation for making good equipment! But I think that the newer equipment is not made the same as the old stuff. Thunderbird's wed site is www.thunderbirdfm.com check out the stuff don't think you will be disappointed. Of course there is always E-Bay but the shipping cost can be very high. Good luck with your search.
  3. About 1 month ago we bought a Anvil double Panini press. We are very happy with this unit. The 3 major brands from U.S.A. are Anvil,Cecilware and Star. These are all very well made and would give you very good service. If you buy one I would recommend one with a timer, makes things a lot easier. Also some of the italian ones like the Nuova might be a little hard to service if you do have problems, and they may not be N.S.F. certifed. In Calf. you cannot use any equipement that is not N.S.F. Look at e-bay currently 227 grills listed! Good Luck in your hunt !
  4. I also sent you a message. Don't know when you will need them but don't wait too long!
  5. A couple of places very close to Carlsbad are located at Oceanside . They are both right in the harbor. One is called Joes Crab Shack and the other is Rockin Baja Lobster. Both are very casual and have the buckets of crab and lobster that you are looking for. I know that Rockin Baja Lobster has picnic tables and pitchers of beer and is right on the water. Maybe the spot!!!
  6. Hard!! When we went to Canada fishing all of the fish fries and shore lunches were fried in Lard!!! I really think that is the secret!! It is very difficult to get that flavor or taste with any type of oil. Try it and see what you think!
  7. I know that my son opened a catering business in So Calf. and the health dept in his town would not allow him to put a grease trap under the sink! It required him to install a 500 gal one outside. With the unit cost and the installation and labor charges( Had to dig a long way to connect to main sewer. The cost was over $10000 This was almost the deal breaker on starting his business!! There are several stores and restaurants that were unable to open because of this regulation!
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