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  1. In case you are interested in springing for a custom option - I worked with this linen company for years and they are located near York, PA. Claudia, the owner, is fabulous. Oops...just realized they mainly do custom for commercial. However, I do know they have a sale once or twice a year that is open to the public.
  2. I saw a recipe on facebook today for making your own cough drops. It was a basic hard candy recipe of sugar (and water) with a little honey, lemon, ground ginger & clove - cooked to hard crack, made into droplets on a silpat or parchment and left to cool/harden, then tossed in powdered sugar. I'd like to doctor it up a bit and could use a little help. Would it be possible to add a little whiskey into the mix? Also, if I wanted to steep fresh ginger / clove / etc, what would be the best way to do so? I was thinking using the water - even though it will all boil off I could steep the flavorings in that before adding it to the sugar. Finally, what would be the best way to store them so they don't start to soften?
  3. I personally hate Keurigs because as someone else said up-thread, you can't get a strong cup of coffee with them, even filling your own pods. I drink either cafe au lait if drinking brewed coffee, or flat whites if drinking espresso and I received a super-automatic style espresso machine for Christmas, which my brother bought through Coffee Geek. I love it and it can make an Americano if I have guests who don't want espresso drinks. I've also used a French press in the past when I wanted a small amount of brewed coffee.
  4. What about just laying down plastic wrap? You may have to tape down the edges, but it should semi- adhere to the counter easily and not slide around like some other option potentially could. This works best if you can get your hands on large, restaurant-size rolls of plastic wrap. 18" wide by 2000'.
  5. LizD518

    Frothing Milk

    I'm considering whether to invest in an espresso machine right now but my main interest is in the milk rather than the espresso itself. Sacrilege, I know, but it is what it is. Does anyone have the aeroccino that goes with the Nespresso systems and can you tell me how the froth is with those systems? Ultimately, the drink I prefer is a flat white, which means microfoam and I'm wondering if that is at all possible with anything other than a steam wand.
  6. Old: Mashed Potatoes (although we might do scalloped) New: No turkey this year. Either a standing rib roast or maybe a roast pork loin.
  7. Bumping this up as I just moved to Wareham and it looks like Providence is the closest source for any Asian or Indian specialties.
  8. Why are Asian dumplings not available in regular grocery stores? Well that isn't strictly true...in my local Stop in Shop I saw a small package of maybe 10 pieces. But go to an Asian market and there are tons of varieties, usually in bags of 30-50 I think. It's not like dumplings are "out there" as far as Asian food goes. And they are easy to prepare and certainly not expensive. So why haven't they made the leap? I'm mostly frustrated because I just moved to an area where the closest Asian food market seems to be an hour away. I'm realizing how spoiled I was to have access to not only good Asian, Indian and Mexican restaurants, but also markets in my previous hometown. I can make dumplings, along with all the other specialties I want, but it's going to take a lot more planning just to get the ingredients.
  9. Hilarious. this is what I got: THE STARRseaweed spread with water 11sunflower toast with arugula bruschetta & pepper 16bluefish with blistered peach 13artichoke 11stubbed salt & turned monkfish skewers 18shell bean jam & fig 14rubbed sungold tartare & rye bowl 17frightened gravlax tacos 12bison discs with miniature marrow sliders 11seasonal rice with cider eggplant croquettes & oyster 11
  10. My Mom is a good cook of solid, homey foods. My favorites growing up were shepard's (cottage) pie, tourtiere, salmon pie and New England boiled diners (corned beef, turnips, carrots, potatoes - no cabbage). But she was also one of the few of her brothers and sisters (oldest of 8) that branched out into more "creative" things...like Ortega taco kits and "Chinese" food based on LaChoy canned Chinese vegetables, lol. But they were delicious to me and my family. And she had a big garden that I had to help in as a kid, she canned her own produce, we raised a few animals for meat and I had to help out in the kitchen as well. Usually making salad was my job so I learned at least a little about using a knife as a kid. Then I went to hospitality school and intended to work front of house, but I really enjoyed the basic cooking classes we all had to take so they gave me a foundation for eventually getting more creative on my own. Now I will cook all sorts of cuisines, grow and can my own tomatoes, bake, etc., even though I am mostly just cooking for myself. But my style is similar to what we had growing up, no matter the cuisine - hearty and homey, not fancy.
  11. How long do you process them? I saw times ranging from 35 minutes to 85 minutes. I consulted my mom who has done a lot of canning and she agreed that 85 seemed far too long so I went with 45-50 just to split the difference somewhat.
  12. I've been making this "recipe" from Smitten Kitchen with all my cherry tomatoes: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2008/08/slow-roasted-tomatoes/ They are so delicious I haven't gotten any further than using them on toasted bread with ricotta for breakfast. Edited to add that your very next post mentioned that same technique, lol.
  13. Maybe we will be canning together Nice!! 20 lbs! You were a busy person! I'd love to hear more about the green tomato and pepper jam. Jalapeño peppers? The recipe called for jalapenos, but I just used a literal mixed bag that my friend had given me. There were long skinny red ones, a banana pepper, a couple that I think were habeneros...I didn't use as many as the recipe called for either since I know some were hotter. I also doubled the original recipe but reduced the sugar to 4 cups overall. Recipe here: http://www.closetcooking.com/2009/09/green-tomato-and-jalapeno-jam.html
  14. Oh I want to hear more about canning. I just canned about 20# diced tomatoes yesterday, along with 5 cups green tomato and pepper jam. I would have frozen some but I am moving soon and don't want to move too much frozen stuff. I do have a couple of batches of pesto that I made earlier in the summer which will be moving with me.
  15. Yep, those were the kind of things I was thinking of, but yet, 8 hours is a very long time. It would still be warm, but not really hot enough for drinking.
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