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  1. the skate seems very pied a terre!!!
  2. trio closed last week, the word on the street is bankrupt, shame was a great restaurant
  3. to the best of my knowledge niether simon hopkinson or Bibendum has ever held a star!!! aint david caviler working in contract catering???
  4. the new petrus opens in january/febuary, and yes askew is chef patron!!! aikens has a more simple menu along with his a'lacarte which has vanilla and chocolate ice cream green salads on etc, i feel that the simplifing part of his menu and fucking off every1 with the administration means still rising 2 but i hope he gets 2, his food has calmed down alot since i worked with him but have heard he still can be inconsistent!!
  5. ok here we go :- tom aikens still rising 2* ducasse 3* church green 1* capital 0* vineyard 0* william drabble 1* aubergine 0* rhr 3* nathan outlaw still rising 2* because of move!!! shaun hill walnut tree 1* eastside inn 1* corrigans 1* sketch 1* foilge 0* sat baines 2* marcus wareing rising 3* gidleigh park rising 3* square rising 3* one for next year petrus to be the 1st english restaurant to win 3 stars straight away next january!!
  6. Ok here are two pieces of gossip i have heard Steffan Karlsson is to leave fond in gothenburg to start new hotel in småland!!! And Lief Mannerström is in the process of buying restaurant Kometen just off the avenue the main 'strip' in gothenburg. I have heard that he will do modern swedish classics and lots of stews etc!!!!!
  7. great news for sweden two restaurants holding two michelin stars!!! no real suprises though we would loose at least one star in gothenburg but michelin does take along time to reconise decline!!!!!! Svenska restauranger med stjärna i Guide Michelin Main Cities of Europe 2009: Stockholm : - Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen (ny med två stjärnor, hade en stjärna tidigare) - Edsbacka krog (två stjärnor) - Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren (ny stjärna) - Frantzén/Lindeberg (ny stjärna) - Esperanto - Fredsgatan 12 - Lux Stockholm - Leijontornet - Operakällaren Göteborg: - Kock & Vin - Sjömagasinet - 28+ - Fond - Basement
  8. when are the results out really want to know the swedish results must be some new stars!!!!!
  9. ive heard that michael caines of gidleigh park in devon england which is 2 star should have a book out by the end of the year!!!!
  10. i think hes doing a cokery demo in brighton with the staff from both restaurants and they are both closed for a week or so!!!
  11. the oyster shack in devon that sells frozen fish and white bait is better than The Ledbury, the capital and the vineyard these people are on drugs!!!!!
  12. i would say that its mr roux who has the final say in the matter of who goes through. i would hazzard a quess and say the prize is a job in his restaurant so of course his favourite is going to go through!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i did a couple of shifts at toms kitchen and they buy in there chips pre cut, the farmer peels and cuts them for him, maybe ramseys has a farmer who does the same.
  14. yeah but mitchelin doesnt judge lunch, u can serve what u like lol!!!
  15. since when did aikens have small portions???? always stuffed after eating, can fill up only on the petit-fours and its 29 quid with coffee for set lunch but choices are limited 2 for every course!!!
  16. its def in the book foie gras with tea jelly, i think its a great book up there with the french laundry and im not a big fan of mr ramsay!!!
  17. its in his 3 star chef book if ur interested , its a bloody good book!!!
  18. because of the olive ol ice cream will say charlie trotters
  19. ok here we go an easy 1!!! scallop, horseraddish,parsleyroot and chicken buiscuit turbot, braised oxtail ravioli cucumber,lime, mango and yoghurt
  20. pike boudin on the menu is my guess and the restaurant is le cafe anglais
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