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  1. Yvonne, I'm glad you mentioned Tamarind. I was feeling guilty about forgetting it. Lovely, soothing setting and service, fairly priced for Gramercy Park. It's a favourite of my spouse. I am a bit lukewarm, just because I gew up eating solidly cooked Northern Indian/Bengali good, and this menu is somewhat different. More imaginative, I'm sure, but doesn't satisfy my personal curry cravings. Worth a try for those not thus afflicted.
  2. One more tip on reservations. Even the hot spots often have tables (especially for two) at a later sitting, say 9.30 or 10. You may have to hang around the bar while the people at your table have another round of digestifs, but if you're a nightowl, why worry?
  3. New York Indian/pakistani/Bengali food would indeed be wasted on visitors from the UK (I grew up there). The best I have found in New York is Haveli in the East Village, but the standard is generally amazingly low.
  4. "There is some sous vide prepared paella that is being featured in a few Manahattan restaurants and ever advertised by the company that supplies it." Yes, I've seen the Paellador sous vide paella advertised. I haven't tried it, but have been tempted only because exactly the same is widely available in inexpensive restaurants in Spain.
  5. Even an edible paella would be worth knowing about. Every Spanish restaurant we have tried in New York (never got to Meigas either) had someone in the kitchen who couldn't cook rice: raw, mushy, distinctly microwaved, we've had them all. About the best was at Bolo of all places, but heaped, of course, with inauthentic luxury ingredients like lobster tails. So any ideas about a good paella, or tripe Madrid-style with chickpeas and chorizo - somewhere in the outer boroughs maybe?
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