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  1. Same here! Plus I don’t have to freak when my kids put 5 if these on their ice cream.
  2. Picked up am Amarena cherries for $3.99 and black truffle butter for $2.99 today. Tried the cherries which taste just like Fabri to me but not the butter.Thought these were good prices.
  3. Roasted farro with kale and squash. Crispy chicken thigh.
  4. Sausage peppers n onions.
  5. Thanks! It was my first time doing the fennel diced since I wanted to do everything in one pan. The green beans were simply sautéed while the chops rested with some olive oil and salt. They're cooked about 80% so still pretty crisp.
  6. Pan roasted pork chop with caramelized fennel and green beans. Tasty.
  7. Felt like fall pasta. Bucatini with Brussels and bacon. Garnished with green onion and fresno chili.
  8. Thai-ish pork skewers. Sliced then marinated pork shoulder in fish sauce, palm sugar, garlic and ginger. Grilled hot and fast. Garnish with basil, mint, green onion and fresno chili. Eat. Drink beer. Repeat.
  9. Grilled chicken lettuce wraps. Marinated skinless chx thighs in ginger, soy and garlic. Grilled chopped, and finished w grn onion, basil and mint. Big squeeze of lime and sweet chili sauce and soy. Tasty.
  10. Grilled chicken tacos, corn and some really good watermelon.
  11. I did end up getting the 8qt instapot, and an otter mug for my son. No savings on the mug but he's worth full price.
  12. I've had the 8qt instapot in my cart for a couple hours. Really not sure how much I'd use it.
  13. Leftover polenta fried in brown butter with maple syrup. Crispy egg with chipotle tabasco. Sweet, salty, smokey, nutty. I showed restraint and didn't make 5 more.
  14. Beautiful day here. 4 Aperol spritz, then managed steak and shrimp on the grill.
  15. Ground some chuck and brisket for burgers. Corn of questionable provenience.
  16. Leftover spaghetti. Crispified.
  17. Grilled bread with ricotta and charred ramps.
  18. Leftover farro w feta, crispy egg and pickled ramps.
  19. Focaccia for prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sandwiches.
  20. Baked paccheri with sausage ragu.
  21. Smashed marinated chick peas, eggs and croutons.
  22. Pasta w simple tomato sauce.
  23. Pork belly, orange ginger sauce, pickled carrots and Trader Joe's naan bread.
  24. Thanks for the recommendation on the Mandarin Orange Chicken! I've been oblivious to it all these years and just tried it. Good stuff.
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