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  1. I'm going to be partying like it's 1933 in DC with the DC Craft Bartenders Guild. Should be an absolute blast!
  2. And after your midnight showing you can fix the new Bond cocktail: The one and only Sazerac!!!
  3. My favorite Negroni recipe so far has been one ounce each Aviation gin, Campari and Noilly Prat sweet vermouth with two dashes Angostura Orange and two dashes Fee's Rhubarb Bitters. Ummmmm! Cheers!
  4. Mixed up a Shanghai Gin last night. Wow! Such a fantastic tipple! Kudos to the Gentleman at The Slanted Door! Cheers!
  5. THE best hiccup cure I've ever come across: Take a lemon wedge and dredge in sugar. Soak both sides with a few dashes of Angostura. Eat sweet Angostura fleshy goodness. I found this while watching some TV show about Angostura and a person they interviewed was saying this is how they cured hiccups. I don't know how or why it works, but it does every time. Cheers! Marshall

    Sloe Gin?

    Ace Beverage in DC has had it for about a week. Ummm boy is it tasty! Cheers! Marshall
  7. Maybe this is why some of my friends state that gin makes them angry??? Cheers! Marshall
  8. I know Aperol has rhubarb in its flavorings . . . Cheers, Marshall
  9. I generally make all my syrups in 1.5-2 cup batches. To each I've added an ounce of 100 proof vodka (or you can use Wright & Nephew Overproof rum) with no problems with stability. I do store every thing in the fridge, though. But I've had some raspberry syrup that I made at least 6 months ago and there is no mold/bacteria/etc. Cheers! Marshall
  10. You enter a local cocktail contest and in your recipe you tell them where to buy the bitters specified. Then, you actually take your own personal bottle of the specific bitters for the bartenders to use during the competition . . . Yep, that was me last night! BIG OLE COCKTAIL NERD! Cheeers, Marshall
  11. I would think that the easiest way to do an avacodo infused tequila would be thus: Cut the avocado into chunks and place in a wide mouthed mason jar. Pour a bottle of tequila over and let steep for 24 hours in the fridge. Strain out avocado, but don't press the solids (otherwise you would get mushy-boozy gloop in your tequila). Mental note: tequila infused avocado solids use in guacomole . . . If you need further straining, you could use a coffee filter. I just figure since the avocado is such a fatty veggie to begin with it would kind of be like fat washing. Cheers, Marshall
  12. I keep a leather-bound diary-type book. I can put one or two recipes per side of the page and keep it on the bar. It looks nice and I like being able to thumb through it for cocktails that I've made in the past that I like. I think that's one of the tricks - I only put drinks that I've made and really enjoy in that book. If I'm looking for something new, I can look through the library of other books I have. Just my .25oz of absinthe . . . Cheers, Marshall
  13. Just wanted to thank everyone for their advice on my trip to NYC! We had a great time. Hit Death & Co. and Elaterria on Friday night. Had awesome cocktails (thanks Philip and Lynnette!) and great food. D&C was everything I was hoping it would be - next trip up I can certainly see staying there for the entire evening! Saturday had some tastings at Aquavit and the MoMA Cafe along with drinks at the Modern, Nat Sherman's new lounge, Pegu Club and Tailor. Was able to meet and talk with Audrey at Pegu which was also a real treat. Unfortunately we couldn't get into PDT due to the crowds.
  14. . . . you ask for a flight of house made bitters.
  15. I just purchased two bottles of this on recommendation of my trusted liquor supplier. I asked for something that wasn't going to break the bank and would be a great mixing brandy/cognac and he said, "That's an easy one!" Out came a bottle of hte Chalfonte VSOP. Works for me!!! Cheers!
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