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  1. rad1964

    Krispy Kreme

    The trick to Krispy Kreme is to order only the regular glazed donut, hot off the press, for consuming within a few hours. I personally also enjoy their jelly filled (raspberry) and their all chocolate donut (glazed chocolate cake style). Kripsy Kreme's are also somehow even MORE TASTY when you consume them with a nice cup of home brewed coffee.
  2. 1. Kit Kat 2. Whatchamacallit 3. Skybar PS: Chris A. - You can get Zagnuts here! Zagnut Bar And everyone else will hate me because you can find so many "lost candies" there!
  3. I too have never been to fat burger, but I do go to In n' Out several times a year. I have to agree that their fries kinda suck, but only after 2 minutes go by... then they get a bit card-boardy... the first two minutes they are good... but I am usually enjoying the burger. When I was on the Atkins diet for a bit, In n' Out was a safe indulgence due to their "protein burger". After viewing images of the 20x20 I am not sure I can finish one these days (in my 20's maybe..) But I would love to go at an 8x8 and I think I will try to piece together two 4x4s sometime soon.
  4. Being in CA, I really don't give Domino's a chance to full-fill my pizza needs. However, their cinnamon sticks with frosting are just what the sweet tooth craves. [very rare treat] since I have to order a few boxes of them to get delivery!
  5. For 1.50 its a good price, probably the price a Big Mac SHOULD be... Just saying... $4.00 for a real Mac makes me indulge only on few occasions.
  6. I grew up in CT and right before I moved to CA we started a routine that to this day we still practice and that is going to Nordic Lodge in Charleston RI. (formerly Custy's) Right now the price is a whopping $82 / person! But like I said no trip back East was worthy without a visit to Nordic Lodge! 35 miles from Providence seems like such a short distance to indulge yourself! Nordic Lodge I reccomend you have a friend drive, because leaving that place is like being on heroin (not that I know from experience)but you will want to take a nap for sure. ha-ha. Rad
  7. I still had (2) 4+Lbs pork shoulder pieces in my freezer. So I thawed one to make some new year sausage. I am a big fan of the jalepeno/jack combo, so I wanted to make a jalepeno and jalepeno-jack cheese, roasted garlic sausage. So using the general salt and pepper combo for a 5 lb batch - 1 tblsp pepper / 3 tblsp salt - I added to that my lardons Ihad in the freezer, about a lb so I had close to the 5 lb batch - give or take. 4 Lb Pork Shoulder 1 Lb lardons 1/2 cup red wine 1 tblsp fresh ground pepper 3 tblsp kosher salt 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1+1/4 cup roasted garlic 3 large jalepenos, roasted de-seeded and diced 8 ounces (about 1 cup) jalepeno-jack cheese, small dice I was guestimating proprtions for the cheese and garlic seeing as the garlic sausage recipe only had 3 tblsp of garlic! I need much more garlic ju' So I was gonna try my hand at stuffing the sausage this time around. I had already a edible collagen casing, needed no soaking. I read this thread and it seems most prefer a natural casing and now I had to see for myself why! Yikes! I was 1st of all, a one man team, so as the first mixture is going through its not really going as fast as I would have liked, so 10 minutes later and three links made, I quit stuffing these collagen casings. So I tied two ends off with butchers twine and twisted three links out of my "run". tossed em in a warm pan and waited... they were on low and under a minute 2 of the 3 blew out a huge amount of sausage. It was actually quite freaky! But I smooshed em down for an even cooking and took em off the heat. Yum! Excellent heat twinge cheesy, juicy and that smooth sweet roasted garlic flavor yum! But anyways wanted to see if anyone else had a proportion-wise recipe that used lots of cheese and or other goodies. RAD
  8. Here it is for better or for worse for richer or poorer until death do us part... bacon! Bacon is rinsed after being in the cure 7 days, patted dry and left out on a rack for 2 hours to try and develop the meat surface for smoke adherence. My odd oven setup... the house did get a little hickory smelling, but unlike outdoors and cold-smoking it only took 1+1/4 hours to reach an internal temperature of 150 degrees. Here it is... Molasses/Honey to the left, Pepper and Garlic (Rear Right), Thyme, Bay Leaves and Pepper (Front Right) My test slice. For breakfast this morning I had.. bacon and eggs. Delicious! I used the Thyme, Bay Leaves and Pepper cut. The test piece of the sweet one was very salty, so I look forward to eating a slice not from the end. I am sure its better, the color was fantastic looking. But I would like to hear from you seasoned vets, does this look cured and bacon like? I enjoyed making this and I think some folks I know will enjoy a hunk. Robert
  9. My pork belly came frozen already, so I left it in the freezer until about 3 days before I sectioned it. When I went to rinse off the cure, I found mainly that there was very little left it sort of melded with the meat. The pepper garlic one smelled awesome. I am currently smoking them in my oven. I found I could remove the section between the broiler and the bottom of the oven and now its all open. I heated up a canister of wundersmoke hickory and put it atop the burner on the broiler i then had a rack above it with a steel bowl of salt water and ice and above that rack a rack with the three 4+lb sections of bacon. Its an hour into it and the inner temp is now 127... I can tell these are gonna be good. I am so psyched. I am charging up my digital camera batteries for some bacon pron.
  10. Yes I used salt. I used the mixture recommended in the Charcuterie book. I coated all sides evenly with the kosher salt/dextrose/pink salt blend and then added more spices, like the black pepper or the honey. Odd it does not create juices so far. The meat thats peaking through I can tell has darkened in color and the bellies themselves are firmer. I will take one more picture of the meat today, the previous post was of dec. 6th last friday when they went in. Robert
  11. Hello, I'm new to this thread and eGullet: my first post! I stumbled across the thread doing a search for coppa/capicola since I had this new cool book: Charcuterie. You can guess where this is going! I am not sure what page I landed on maybe somewhere in the seventies, but I was intrigued, and started at page one. I am currently on page 60 or so, but I discovered some great things like the thread was about the book I just bought, even though I am a year behind! And the authors occasionally read and answer questions on the thread! How cool is that! Anyways, I have my first batch of bacon coming out, supposedly tomorrow, seventh day and all, however I notice that no liquid has come out of the bellies. I have 3 separate, seal-a-mealed bags: Pepper and garlic, pepper, bay leaves and thyme, honey and molasses. The only one with liquid is the honey/molasses, but that was a liquid, sort of , to start. Was I supposed to leave air in the sealed bag? The meat seems firm to the touch, and through the cure I see it has changed color. I say its bacon. But of its not, what else should I do, or is there no way to the bacon train Robert
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