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  1. I am like previous posters regarding experience with a variety of smokers. I have had many WSM's, had a large Texas offset built by David Klose, Kamado #9 (a horrible choice), BGE (a great unit that does it all) and a cookshack FE100. If you want a one unit does it all the BGE is the choice, great for home use. For just smoking the FEC100 by cookshack is the bomb. Computer controlled pellet feeder that is heavily insulated and easy to use. I can do a whole case of ribs at a time or four big briskets. They are not cheap but are great cookers. I assisted my local country club with their purchase of one as well as a local brew pub. Nice units for restaurants that want the ability to do some smoking but not huge quantities like a regular Q place would have. With the FE100 I use all hickory pellets, the unit is light on smoke and hickory works well for everything I do.
  2. Foodie CPA here. Lots of business meals are subject to 100% deduction rather than 50%. Folks should use two different account on their quickbooks to separate them, otherwise your tax person will assume they are all subject to 50% deduction. Here is a link to more information: http://www.homeofficeweekly.com/business/m...-deduction.html
  3. duck833

    Sexy food?

    weiner wraps
  4. The best way to assist your local food bank is to write them a check for overhead etc.
  5. I think this is the summer of basil, just went out and cut all the seed head off the crop, hope it keeps growing. Tomatoes loved the heat of July, we have lots and they are starting to get light color. Have picked a few from the early varieties.
  6. Don't forget Davis's at Broadway and Olive and I like Rogue Brewery 1/2 block away on Olive. Steelhead has good bar food and good beer, my favorite forever is Bombay Bomber, kind of a cult IPA. Have heard that Joey Harrington is redoing the old Black Angus spot into a new place. Hope he does better than Chris Miller did in the restaurant business.
  7. Hang in there, relief is on the way!!! I have total faith in the american farmer to chase the highest producing crop and kickup production when they can make a buck. My ag clients had a great year in 2007 and are planting high priced crops like there is no tomorrow. They will overproduce like normal and the supply will drive prices down.
  8. I was there back in Aug. 2007. My dinner was really good. FYI Bryan Ogden (the son) is leaving LV to go to Southern California. I'm going to try and find out more details where. Five more days until Bon Appetit's "Vegas Uncork'd" conference .. I can't wait ← Anything you find out about that would be great. Especially if he's leaving soon, cause I expect to be there in July. I assume Bradley Ogden would be staying. ← Will be there on Thursday night, looking forward to good eats!!!
  9. If we all run right out and stock up on rice I guarantee there will be a shortage. Remember the toilet paper shortage caused by Letterman?
  10. If you go to many barbeque competitions you will see a large number of Weber Smokey Mountains. For the money they are the best lowend smoker available. Normally owners put in a larger water pan and install a thermometer in the lib. They have superior temperature control than other bullet smoker. I have gotten 48 hours from one load of lump charcoal. I use the Big Chief for cold smoking salmon and sturgeon. They are cheap and again they are simple and do it well.
  11. I had two wonderful meals on the patio there so far. I was also thinking that Canal might fit his hip idea. The bar is very hipster and they should be getting the food down now. Going for a Lobster Sandwich there next week.
  12. Scored a ticket for the Thursday night event at Uncork'd, sounded like fun! ← Great Report-Thanks. As you've seen first hand, there are so many dining choices in Las Vegas you simply can't cover even a fraction of them in one trip. I've got a thread going about Vegas Uncork'd and if you would be so kind to give us a report, and maybe some photos, after you get back from Vegas Uncork'd, please post it over there. Which "Masters' Series" Dinner did you book on Thursday night? ← Will be dining at Bradly Ogden on Thursday night. Will be nice seeing Russell again, we had the chance to dine together in January at Guy Savoy's, it was a very nice experience.
  13. Scored a ticket for the Thursday night event at Uncork'd, sounded like fun!
  14. The Hideaway is especially good on weekends. They only have potato donuts on Saturday and Sunday. The Sweet Life is another local place that is doing handcrafted pasteries etc, well worth the trip. The last is Eugene City Bakery, actually located close to campus. They have recently changed hands. I bought a lot of their bread last summer since they have a booth at the local Farmers Market. Not bad for a little place like Eugene to have three local places.
  15. Best restaurant in Eugene right now is Marche'. Actually the Eugene Country Club is probably equal with them at this time. Chef Jennings is doing wonderful stuff there. I go to Portland all the time, need my pastrami fix at K &Z Deli.
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