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  1. Thanks Jason. I've got everything set up and will put it all together tonight. Any hints about using the netting? I can't find any real instructions or info about using. Matt
  2. I've been following this thread for some time now and using the book. Recently I've been working on the cured sausages, having done the Tuscan Salume and the Peporone. Both were in hog casings. I'm now wanting to move up to larger middles and have a question. Along with the beef middles that I ordered, I got some netting since it looks really cool. Do I need to clean the netting in some way before I use it with the stuffed sausage and let it dry? So much of this seems to be centered on cleanliness and keeping the number of bad bacteria to a minimum, I didn't know if I should do something to clean the netting first. Anyone have any experience they could share?
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