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  1. Seth, I don't know if you're in the minority...I've read numerous posts on this board and others saying Taillvant is not up to snuff in the food department. I'm deciding between les Ambassadeurs, and Les Elysees. I'm not crazy about a hush/hush kind of atmosphere and want to feel comfortable and welcome. How do you compare the atmosphere and service at these two? I know the Crillion dining room is gorgeous but how does it feel to be in it and what about Les Elysees. One last question: How far in advance do you recommend reserving for a Friday lunch in early May. I'll likely be using the internet for reservations unless you all suggest otherwise.
  2. This is my first post on Egullet! I've been reading this board avidly for quite some time now and so appreciate the expertise here! I've read many posts on this topic on this and other boards and have also read many reviews of the various 2 and 3 Michelin starred restaurants and I am still undecided about this! I'll be in Paris for 10 days in May and at first I thought we'd definitely have a lunch at a 2 or 3 starred place as many of them offer a less expensive option. I know we don't want to break our bank on a Michelin meal since there is so much fabulous food to be had in the city for reasonable prices, so I'm only considering places with a special lunch menu. We are serious about food and have eaten at many great restaurants (Jean George, Bouley, Citronelle, French Laundry, Charlie Trotters etc) and I would describe our taste as leaning toward more classic flavors (preferred Bouley over Jean George, so probably wouldn't choose Pierre Gagnaire even if they had a lunch special.) We were seriously considering Taillvant, because we do like the idea of feeling sincerely welcomed even with basically no French language skills other than "food French." Many seem to love the food there as well as the service, saying they have a lovely new twist on classic French food and did not deserve to lose their third star. But too many folks who seem quite serious about food seem to be saying that the food isn't interesting, is not multidimensional and falls flat. If that's true, why not pass on the stars and eat at one of the many great little finds in Paris for way less money? So I'm wondering about les Elysées or Les Ambassadeurs. Or even Le Muerice. Do you think the food and experience of the special lunch menu at any of these places is outstanding enough to warrant spending a huge chunk of time in the middle of the day and 250E (special menu but I assume we'll have wine and coffee!) and if so, which one would you recommend?
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