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  1. This thread deserves an update since Chef Enrico’s cuisine has evolved significantly over the last few years. My recent visit there was much more enjoyable than my first visit six years ago; more sophisticated meal and significant improved service, very friendly with detailed explanations for each course. Here are some highlights: Meringue coated with cocoa and parmesan. Puffy taco with avocado and sesame. A unique looking soup crisp dusted with seaweed powder underneath. Very simple course, but I have never had such an intense bok choi flavour in my mouth before! Slices of rapa
  2. Excellent, 2-star now. Very glad! Hope you will enjoy the meal!
  3. Ya, I could probably have a piece of fish, but not the chips:). It is part of the stadium through the back entrance on the 8th floor... I think it is the administration office area of the stadium?! The window from the kitchen does have a view of the football field (or the stage as they often host concerts).
  4. Mark, as I mentioned, above was an extract, the whole meal consisted of 10 amuse bouches at the lounge followed by 8 courses in the dining room. I would be very surprised if you can finish a full plate of fish & chips after the 18 portions of food with bread:) You can check out the full meal here if you want: http://www.finedinin...ic/geranium.php
  5. After reading so much last year about Chef Rasmus Kofoed's challenging journey to achieve Gold in Bocuse d'Or, we finally visited his new location, at the home ground of the Danish national football team! I was so impressed by this meal and since there wasn’t much written about Geranium, I had to start this topic! Rasmus stunned all of us with an elaborate series of ten amuse bouches at the lounge followed by eight courses in the dining room. Below are just some highlights: Carrot & Sea-buckthorn "razor clams" with edible shell Jerusalem artichoke tree & Walnut oil Burnt potato &am
  6. Note that I only had a day in Mexico City this time as I was on my way to Central America. That's why I could visit only two restaurants unfortunately!
  7. We did spend a week here a few years ago to enjoy the local cuisine and this time was just a quick stopover mainly to visit Pujol, a high-end authentic local restaurant, but managed to squeeze in Biko, a more international menu using local ingredients. Surprisingly, the result turned out to be the opposite of what I had expected - our lunch at Biko was outstanding and the dinner at Pujol wasn't good at all. Below are extracts of the meals: Biko Foie gras 100% cotton candy: The dish was blurred by a cloud of candy floss on top. Our server then poured in pineapple juice, creating a series of
  8. IFS, I agree, it has been 3-star for years but there are just too few reports on Jonnie Boer's cuisine. It is a bit a detour from Amsterdam, but I am glad I did manage to make a visit as it turned out to be one of my top 10 restaurants ever! The food seems to be quite different from your experience in 2009; a good reason for a revisit:) There were about 6 or 7 of little surprises before the first course and they were all outstanding! Here are a few highlights: A fermented red cabbage juice surrounded by a spiralling foie gras garnished with hazelnut milk curd, sea crab meat, and black olive
  9. FDE

    Beijing dining

    Like previous visits, it was short but full, and very full! Li’s Imperial Cuisine We have been to both Family Li in Shanghai and Beijing two years ago, but this restaurant located near the Beijing Capital Airport is where the Grand Chef Ivan Li spends most of his time. It is not the easiest location to get to, but like all the top culinary spots, the journey is part of the experience! In terms of food alone, Li’s Imperial is definitely the highest quality of all Beijing restaurants that we have visited. The Private Room - Park Hyatt Beijing For high-end exclusive Cantonese dining, this is t
  10. Related to this topic, after my recent visit, the best French meal I had in Hong Kong was at Amber. I have not been to Petrus or Caprice for years though. The signature Sea Urchin was a memorable dish – a sea urchin shell elevated by a bowl of ice with a shiny caviar spoon on the side. I knew this would be a winner by simply imagining the marriage of creamy sea urchin and velvety cauliflower mousse. Chef Ekkebus further enhanced this combination with a layer of lobster jello before crowning it with a quenelle of caviar and a gold leaf. He cleverly served a seaweed waffle on the side, providing
  11. Yes, Mirazur is a must. We were there in September and we had a superb meal. The restaurant itself is a beautiful house on the French Riviera with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean. Here are some highlights from our meal: To kick off the menu, a creative and colourful selection of amuse bouche! Clam served on half shell with a touch of aubergine cream, followed by crunchy vegetable salsa on ink cracker served on a stone. A transformation of Jerusalem artichoke - fried its skin and mashed its flesh. The best item of the amusement was deep fried langoustine balls that exploded in our mou
  12. Thanks for the great news!
  13. Right, and to be fair, Ko is a very small restaurant serving only 10-12 diners. It doesn't have the "economies of scale" as other big restaurants do. But still, since none of us has any better info, Ko could have a higher profit margin than EMP and SHO, yes, purely based on whatever I can observe during my meals at those places.
  14. Can I ask what you're basing this on, other than pure uninformed speculation? As I said again, regardless of profitable or not, my point was I felt that I didn't get what I paid for relative to those few other restaurants in discussion. That’s all. Say if you were extremely disappointed about a product after you paid a high price for it, you will make a statement like “it’s probably overpriced or the company probably makes a higher profit” rather than thinking “well, maybe I couldn't see most of the expenses being use, e.g. rent, salaries, legal, HR, insurance, marketing, etc. so I understa
  15. Can I ask what you're basing this on, other than pure uninformed speculation? Well, I am not sure what Oakapple's thought was, but if customers felt they didn’t get what they paid for, it makes sense for them to believe the company (e.g. restaurant in this case) is making good profit right? Or when they felt the price is about right or even slightly better value, then the company is slight profitable or just break-even. Wouldn’t you feel the same? Of course, this assumes restaurants have similar expense ratio and not ineffectively using customer’s money, e.g. Hiring 3 people to do the job
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