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  1. This is "Petite liqueur de chataigne" imported from France and produced by Elie-Arnaud Denoix.
  2. I was given a bottle good chestnut liqueur - and ideas for mixing with it? I tried a chestnut sour as a variant of an amaretto sour (just chestnut liqueur and lemon juice), and it was good, if a bit sweet for my taste. That's been the extent of my creativity, though - any ideas?
  3. I got the chance to visit the Roundhouse distillery north of Denver recently, and came back with a bottle of their new Coretto coffee liqueur. It's fantastic stuff on its own, but I would like to take advantage of it in some mixed drinks. Can anyone recommend a good recipe that showcases coffee liqueur, something beyond the usual White/Black Russians?
  4. Penwu

    Math help?

    I believe it's: 60mL 80pf + 3mL water = 40mL 120pf + 23mL water 60mL 80pf + 5mL water = 40mL 120pf + 25mL water 60mL 80pf + 10mL water = 40mL 120pf + 30mL water The procedure is to figure out the amount of pure alcohol in the mixture (in your case, 24mL, or volume booze times percentage alcohol). Then divide that number (24mL) by the alcohol fraction of the new booze (.6). This gives you the volume of the new booze to use (40mL), and just fill to the final total volume with water. So for 90pf stuff, you would use 53.3mL and fill with water.
  5. I have a professional costume maker in the family, so I'm looking for information rather than finished products. Primarily pictures of what was actually worn at the time, which I expect would be basically shirt, trousers, and vest. The question is, what type of shirts/vests/etc.
  6. I would like to put together an vintage style bartender outfit for use working private parties and the like. Does anyone know of some good sources for pictures of what quality bartenders of the time (either 19-teens or 1930s) tended to wear? Good reference books, or web sites, or movies with historically accurate costuming?
  7. Jeff Berry's books have a couple of good recipes based on 151 rum - though they're meant for a really good 151 like Lemon Hart, not Bacardi. I really like a swizzle of LH 151, brown sugar, and mint leaves.
  8. Thanks! That definitely helps. The bottle doesn't have a pontil scar, and does have seams up the sides (including all the way up the lip).
  9. Ok, I went back and bought it. The cork appears to be intact, and it's full almost right up to the top...so now I need to decide whether or not to crack it open, or leave it sealed. Can anyone help me identify the vintage I've got? Any idea if it's still drinkable? Anyone know any details about de Kuyper Geneva of this age? Here are a couple pictures of my bottle:
  10. I stumbled across a bottle of very old de Kuyper Geneva at an antique store this morning, and I'm trying to find some information on it. I didn't have a chance to take it out of the glass case to examine it closely, but it is full, and the store owner says the seal is intact. I've attached a photo I found of a bottle that looks just like it (though the one I was looking at had a bit of the label torn and missing. Does anyone have any idea if it would be a particularly valuable bottle for a collector, or if it might still be suitable for drinking? I'd appreciate any input you might have.
  11. I tried to order a bottle through the bar I work in (in Arizona) and the distributor (Southern Wine) has the 80-proof, but said they've been backordered on the 100 for two months.
  12. I was looking for bars in Tucson to work in this winter, and checked out (among others) a place called NoRTH. Right off the bat, I noticed they had a nice garnish tray of the usual citrus, plus fresh sprigs of mint, terragon, and fennel, and a couple types of fresh berries. The friend I was with picked a drink off their small cocktail menu to try, called a Botanical. It was very good, so I asked the bartender for the recipe: Muddle: 1/4oz lime 1/4oz simple 1/4oz Drambuie 2 thin slices cucumber 1 sprig terragon Add 1 1/2oz gin, shake Strain over rocks, top with a splash of tonic Garnish with an
  13. 45 I'd drop the Whiskey Skin (the Toddy is already there...) and replace it with the original Hurricane (2:1:1 Jamaican rum, passionfruit, lemon) I think a Last Word would be only too appropriate. And it's a dang good drink - no need to get super fancy.
  14. The drink I've had the best response to from cocktail virgins is Dale DeGroff's Anejo Highball (though with blackstrap rum, perhaps it should have a slightly different name). 1.5oz anejo rum (Cruzan blackstrap) 0.5oz curacao (Cointreau) 0.5oz lime juice 0.25oz pimento dram (St Elizabeth) dash Angostura 2-3oz ginger beer I've tried others, including Aviations, Sazeracs, and Margaritas. Some people really liked them, but others definitely didn't. The Anejo Highball seems to be pretty universally liked.
  15. Why are you worried about offending the bartender? His/her job is to make the drink you ask for, so the more specific you are the better. If you the bartender grumbles about not using vermouth at all, then you should tell them exactly how much you want, because they're clearly not going to get it right by chance. Only a really lousy bartender would be offended by you helping them out with extra information (and I say that as a full time bartender myself).
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