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  1. Great post! I live in Seattle now...not a Popeyes in sight. In college, I baptized all my friends with Popeyes at MG! I must have said to my wife a thousand times..."Do you know how much fried chicken I ate growing up?!"
  2. I've used Pyrex before. But the one I used yesterday was a ceramic pie pan. Thought I'd see how that worked. Thanks for the ideas. I think I will definitely try two things next time. 1) making sure my filling is room temperature or warmer and 2) trying to cover the edges of the crust during the pre bake, since those are not covered with filling, they have time to brown during "actual" pie cooking. For clarity, the recipe I used from CI was for the crust only. I found another mixed berry recipe online.
  3. When I make pies I generally use the Foolproof Pie recipe from CI. I pre bake to try to avoid a soggy bottom. However, when I add fillings and bake it seems like the edges of the crust are always overdone, too brown and dry. I've tried covering the whole pie for the first half of baking and trying to cover just the edges with aluminum foil (kind of a pain). Any advice or techniques? Not pre-baking? Using two temperatures? Thanks for any thoughts...
  4. Thanks, didn't even see that thread.. The pecan pie recipe used light corn syrup and brown sugar, but I felt like it had a "maplely" taste that I didn't want.
  5. I whole-heartedly agree. I just moved here and had a sandwich there a few weeks ago. Wow! 12 napkins later, I was a happy (and really full) man.
  6. I tried a Pecan Pie recipe from Cooks Illustrated. The crust was great, but the pie filling was not as good as I would have liked. Flavor-wise. I was wondering if anyone has any recipes they would recommend or share. Also, while I'm at it, I'm looking for a great sweet potato pie recipe.
  7. Scarlett (since you seem to be very knowledgeable) or others. Great thread on the exact topic I was looking for. Yeah eGullet! I recently moved from Cincinnati to Seattle. In Cincy, I took adult evening cooking classes and some culinary arts curriculum classes at the Midwest Culinary Insitute. Do any culinary schools have hands on classes? Also, do any of you know of any other food groups or clubs? I know that is vague, but I'm new and would like to re-engage with my passion: Food and those who love it. Thanks!
  8. Anybody been yet? I, obviously, have not been yet.
  9. Sorry, been AWOL for a few weeks. Happy New Year all! Talked to my friend that is doing some managing with Gimchi. They opened on the 21st, not sure if it was advertised much, sounded like a soft opening for now. He said it was Korean and Japanese Sushi. Not Korean sushi. Of course, I will be sure to go when I am back in New Orleans next. But if anyone eats there, I'm curious of your experience. And can pass it along to the mgmt if constructive
  10. Todd, A friend of mine is opening Gimchi in Metairie. You're talking about the one behind the Safari carwash next to a bank I think. Funny you mentioned it because when I was down in New Orleans another friend of mine and I were talking about it. What he told me is that it was definitely a Korean focus but with sushi, not sure if just sushi bar or other Japanese fare. I didn't go in it, but he said they had put a lot into the restaurant and that they would have a nice bar for happy hour and typical New Orleans late night drinks. I they were planning on opening pretty soon. I don't know much more than that...but maybe I can poke around to find out more.
  11. OrleansAg

    Old dough

    My wife and I have been on a pizza kick as well. Simple ones as well, sauce (homemade or bought), cheese, herbs. That's usually it. For dough sometimes we make our own and if we think ahead we'll put it in the fridge overnight. But lately we've been using premade dough from Trader Joe's. And usually that sits in the fridge for a few days. We have had great results from that kind. Taste and "flexibility"
  12. Thanks for the info. It's nice to see it in action vs. the stock picture. I was thinking of getting that, but I'm also looking at their knife magnets. They are circular, so a bit different than traditional bars.
  13. Ahh... I was thinking it was some sort of cooking program
  14. Thanks for the advice so far and the site links. I will definitely follow up on them. And, for some reason, I always forget about Craigslist as a place to see job openings. Also, I understand the point that many of you are making about people being swept up in the 'glamour' of the Food Network and getting a very unrealistic idea of the industry. I get that, and that is why I wanted to take some culinary classes to see if indeed I was "swept up" or not. And also try this board, reading, taking to chefs/cooks, attending trade shows, etc...and I can tell you that thus far, I don't feel like I am offbase about my passion. But, like I've said, I know I am in a different position agewise/lifewise than some others starting out, but I have some other talents and strenghts that could help me too. But again, thanks for the advice and links. Just helpful to hear other perspectives. Oh and SundaySous, what is an angry 8?
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