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  1. I've seen smoked onions used in recipes. Makes me think of perhaps smoking something that can be used to make a broth that can be reduced to a liquid smoke strength/consistency?
  2. I can't think of any reason to hold meat in a smoker...an Altoshaam or similar hot holding cabinet would probably provide the most even and controllable environment. Most smokers that I know of have a simple on/off crude uninsulated heating element. How long are you trying to hold the cooked meats before service?
  3. I'm from central Ohio, and my dad called it a "one-eyed jack."
  4. Matt Furtsy

    Chicken kebabs

    I agree with the choice of breast meat for the kebabs-more "non-foodie" friendly. I would stay away from a marinade and go with a brine for a couple of hours (if using wood skewers add them to the brine too, it'll keep them from burning as bad) and then a heavy seasoning right before grilling.
  5. I guarantee that you will not be asked "how is you food tasting" while on your trip to Ohio.
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