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  1. KennethT

    Best way to turn Ramen powder into syrup?

    Just don't use too much or it winds up becoming "mucous-y", for lack of a better term... There are threads in here that discuss proper amounts and techniques for use.
  2. KennethT

    Best way to turn Ramen powder into syrup?

    Isn't syrup sugar+water, by definition? I agree with @pastrygirl that it is probably a chili oil of some kind - note that many chili oils are not just chili flakes and oil, but can be quite complex with herbs, spices, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, etc...
  3. KennethT

    Best chicken?

    The last time I bought chicken in Chinatown (quite a while ago) I think it was at Hong Li Meat Market on Mott St. north of Canal. Back then, Bo Bo listed the stores that sold their products on their website. The store was clean and well kept - they do cooked food in the front, and there's a meat market further back. They had silkies, old stewing chickens, black plume and white plume, plus quail, squab, etc... They weren't well labeled, but the bobo stuff has the yellow wing tag and the black plume look like they're a little scrawnier in the breast area... I had tried to ask questions, but I gave up since my Cantonese is a little rusty.... but they tried to be helpful... But it's been a while, so things may have changed...
  4. I've been a fan of Martin Yan ever since "Yan Can Cook" 30 years ago!
  5. KennethT

    Best chicken?

    Which store in Chinatown did you go to? the last time I checked, Bobo had several different breeds on offer - there's the white plume, which is sort of like the normal supermarket chicken, and the black plume which is gamier, and more like the chicken you'd find in Asia - what some might call scrawny breasts and tough dark meat. I like it - I find it much more "chicken-y" than standard supermarket chickens like B&E.
  6. KennethT

    eG Cook-Off #82: Salmon

    Southeast Asia is tropical - so I don't think salmon would do well there. In the western hemisphere, consider if you would find salmon in the caribbean or in hawaii...
  7. I know it's a lot of work, but you could make your own fresh rice noodles. Check out hot-thai-kitchen.com . In one episode she shows how to make them.
  8. @TicTacSorry about that, you've mentioned your wife's shellfish allergy before - I should have remembered that. Is she allergic to fish as well as shellfish? My brother is allergic to crustaceans - shrimp, lobster, crab, but can eat anything else - like mussels, clams, fin fish, eel, etc. The fish sauce I have is only made from anchovies, salt and sugar - even though the brand name is Squid.... ha!
  9. lots of southeast asian food is great for celiacs because the staple is rice rather than wheat... rice based dishes, rice noodles, etc.... but other than that, I enjoyed reading about your pancake invention, @TicTac! Also, the salt addition is typically fish sauce rather than soy sauce (which I gather sometimes has wheat gluten added).
  10. KennethT

    Gardening: (2016– )

    I don't know if I posted it here.. but a long time ago, I saw a kickstarter for a weeding robot. Looked like a pretty good design!
  11. Looks great! There is palm sugar available in non-rock form... it comes in a small plastic tub with a screw cap. It has the consistency of a thick paste - or maybe like maple sugar candies that are soft and have a wet sand texture. When you first open the jar, the sugar is covered by a layer of wax that must be removed, but then scoops out easily with a teaspoon. If it starts to dry out, you can stick it in teh microwave for 10 seconds which will make it easier to scoop temporarily.
  12. KennethT

    Dinner 2019

    I wish I could "like" and "haha" at the same time! What are you using for a growth medium?
  13. KennethT

    Dinner 2019

    Where did your andouille come from? To me, the right andouille makes all the difference in a good gumbo....
  14. My issue with the Rotimatic is that the roti that I make (like in Malaysia/Singapore) is a laminated dough, made by taking the dough ball and stretching to a very thin sheet, then rolling up into a snake and curled into a disk. This gives the roti a great flaky texture - it's not just puffed...
  15. KennethT

    Tasting Japan

    Thank you! Can't wait for more.