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  1. What do you do for the overlap? I don't know much about Japanese food, but there's definitely some spices used in both Thai and Indian foods.
  2. KennethT

    Dinner 2024

    You've got some lucky neighbors!
  3. I'm so sorry about this. I have a very severe food allergy to buckwheat - I have problems breathing and I also wind up spurting from both ends. Don't ask me how I found out while on the border of Brittany, France... In any case, do you have access to Zyrtec? I find it to be the most effective against a moderate allergic reaction. You can also combine it with taking Benadryl at the same time. If you get a severe reaction, it's important to carry an EpiPen - which will abate the symptoms long enough to get to a hospital. My brother has a severe crustacean allergy and has required the epipen more than once.
  4. Durian is forbidden in lots of public places all over SE Asia, and I get completely get it but I'm curious about the denial of mangosteen as well. I've never had a problem bringing it into hotels in Singapore, Penang, parts of Indonesia, etc. In fact, I remember having a long conversation with a porter at a hotel in Singapore who told me the story of him growing up in Malaysia as a son of a mangosteen farmer. He also showed me the Malaysian farmer way of opening them (no knife required) that is so much easier than the way I used to do it. The only thing I can think of was that one time I bought a bunch of mangosteen in a market in the middle of nowhere about an hour outside of Bangkok. When I got back to the hotel room, I noticed that it was infested with small ants. I brought it into the bathtub and hosed it down completely and had no further issues enjoying the now bug free fruit! But that could probably happen with any sweet fruit, I'd imagine.
  5. KennethT

    Lunch 2024

    Interesting. I always thought that the toasted rice powder was made from glutinous rice rather than jasmine.... then again, I haven't done Thai cooking in a long time so I might not be remembering right
  6. Great stuff. Is this from Pasar Besar (big market) near the waterfront?
  7. KennethT

    Dinner 2024

    What is meant by Thai seasoning sauce? Is that like a Golden Mountain sauce which is like a Maggi type thing?
  8. The fire pit is on the second floor of the house? So many questions! How does the house not burn down? How is it ventilated so they don't die of CO poisoning?
  9. KennethT

    Dinner 2024

    How did you get that shape on the mousse? Also, did you spray it with some kind of cocoa powder to give it that texture?
  10. KennethT

    Dinner 2024

    Venison bologna? Is this something bought or do you make it?
  11. Love the color of the water off shore of those cliffs!
  12. If you're in the US (meaning you don't need to worry about filtering out various viruses/bacteria), long time member and dearly missed Andisenji had raved about these for years. They filter out heavy metals, chemicals and just about anything you could be worried about, unless your water supply regularly contains typhoid.
  13. KennethT

    Dinner 2024

    Thanks for this. I've often had the same thought about washing hands with disease ridden water. Nowadays, we use sanitizing wipes which clean off dirt and soil as well as bacteria. The only problem is that no normal hand sanitizer is effective on norovirus.
  14. Where is this market? Is it one near the waterfront? The mangga susu translates to "milk mango".... I found some info about it: https://specialtyproduce.com/produce/Bambangan_Mangoes_24456.php Thanks for asking about the monsoon issues there. I typically use Weatherbase for my research. According to it the average rainfall really picks up in June on through December, but drops by a lot in January. I figured that since we'll be there at the end of December, I'm hoping we'll only catch the tail end if anything at all. Our problem is that my holidays are fixed in time - one in late June/early July and the other around Xmas/NYs. So Late June/early July is much more rainy, on average. The rainiest being Sept, Oct, Nov. The ideal time to go would have been Feb/March but that's impossible for us. https://weatherbase.com/weather/weather.php3?s=964710&cityname=Kota-Kinabalu-Sabah-Malaysia
  15. KennethT

    Dinner 2024

    Very true - I forgot how frustrating it was in Hanoi where the letter 'r' is pronounced like 'z'.
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