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  1. So, we made corn dogs a few nights ago (out of "staff meals from chanterelle") yummy as always (can't go wrong with a freshly made corndog with good ingredients). BUT a few hours later I walked by and, having left one out, figured "hmm, i'm still hungry". Took one bite of a soggy corn dog and tossed the rest out. I can see why he got the boot, my poor corn dog was miles away from where it had started.
  2. on their website: http://www.artisanbreadinfive.com/?p=140 Really is nice to have the book be "alive" with the updates posted on artisanbreadinfive.com!
  3. I thought I'd share our current favorite way of preparing Tilapia: - buy the individually vacuum packed frozen fillets from the local grocery or Costco - put directly from the freezer into 118deg water for 20min (or longer, I've left it in there for up to 40min with little difference in texture) - season with salt & pepper, dredge in flour -> egg -> Penko - pan fry in HOT oil till the Penko "looks right" serve with whatever works for you. This really shows off the power of sous-vide for me, we have cooked these at least 5 times and the results are exactly the same each and every time (moist flaky fish, crisp breading). No worries about undercooked thick parts, or overcooked thin parts. we have a large rice cooker and a PID controller (bought it before Auber released their pre-built unit)
  4. Any thoughts on how to make a 'frozen pizza' with this dough? We have someone in my wife's Mom's club expecting soon and I thought a 'ready to bake' pizza would be a nice meal to drop off. thoughts: - 1/2 bake the whole pizza then freeze it - 1/2 bake just the dough, assemble the pizza, then freeze - this is a bad idea and I should find something else to make thanks henri
  5. made a second loaf this morning. No pictures (we ate it too fast!), but the crumb was nicer (larger air pockets, not quite as chewy) and the crust was really nice. The dough is now 4 days old. Noticeably more taste than the first loaf. I heated a large stainless bowl and used it as a cover over the stone for the first 20min. No water in the oven. Crust came out perfect, this is the way I'll keep on baking the bread. Pizza night in 2 nights , that will use up the rest of the first batch. Guess I should mix up some more dough tonight
  6. Hey all, my first post on eGullet Found this thread last week and mixed up a batch on Friday evening. It took a bit more time than expected (I was holding my 6month old in one hand and she was trying to grab everything). After looking around I decided to use the cake saver as our 'bucket', worked out fine. I used the master recipe found in this thread with instant yeast and KA AP flour (and maybe 1/3cup more water - next time I'll add the water by weight and aim for a specific %) My steak knife had a lot of trouble cutting the dough, but I managed to pull 17oz (pure luck!) and form them into a ball. Left it on the work bench for 90min and baked it for 30min. Here is the result. We were happy with the taste, but could have left it in longer to get a thicker crust. I put a pan with boiling water on the bottom rack and sprayed the sides of the oven with some water as soon as I put the bread in the oven. I think I should have let it rise then cut the slashes, right? I cut them right when I put it on the peel. Also the work bench is close to the big kitchen radiator, so I think I can get by with a shorter rise time. Nice to know I can make a few more at short notice! henri
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