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  1. Cool! Since I just aquired my very own small chemistry set it is doubly appreciated. (See http://www.flickr.com/photos/26839885@N08/ ) Edit: I just checked out the new edition. It is totally awesome - probably the most comprehensive hydrocolloid resource anywhere in the world. (Well, if anyone knows of a better one, please tell me!)
  2. To quote a former teacher: "Here are a couple of simple desserts to throw together when your pastry chefs throws a tantrum and walks out." (Proceeds to demonstrate bavarois, vanilla souffle, creme caramel etc)
  3. My Wusthofs are co-branded with the Le Cordon Bleu logo/name so I guess they have some sort of cooperation.
  4. TheSwede

    Shrimp Mousse

    Strange that it doesnt say anything about keeping the mousse cool. Since you are basically creating a forcemeat, it might actually break if enough heat is introduced. Personally I would do it like this: Blend just the shrimp, pass through a tamis (drum sieve). Cool over ice, gradually add the cream still over ice, season. Test poach some mousse wrapped in clingfilm. You want a delicate, fluffy consistency, not rubbery and bouncy. Add more cream if rubbery. That is the way I was taught to do a mousse. Also I would have added a little egg white in the blender. It might be there for binding, but maybe also for "fluff". Edit: Re-read the instructions. They actually say "blend until fluffy and mousselike". Maybe the cream is standing in for the egg white. I still think there is risk of breakage if the protein/cream mixture gets too hot.
  5. The Wikipedia article is pretty good: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nouvelle_cuisine
  6. I had dinner at Lux this Saturday. Overall a very enjoyable experience. I had forgotten how pretty the surroundings are on a nice spring/summer evening. The menu was as follows: --- Dill boiled langoustine from Smögen with apple pickled cucumber, broccoli sprouts and wild broccoli Spruce twigs smoked pike-perch from Ängsö and salmon from Vånö with sea bouillon and spring leaves Tartar of entrecôte from Svartådalen with water cress, truffle and poached quail egg Green meadow tea Fried young rooster from Hagby Farm with spring air, garden peas and crispy pickled onion Hazelnut soufflé with thyme spiced goat cheese from Gullspira farm and burning apricot eau de vie Rhubarb compote in an almond nougatine with sorbet of Eskesta yoghurt and cardamon milk Chocolates --- The tartar and the rooster were exceptional and the smoked pike-perch/salmon almost as good. The langoustine and especially the two desserts weren't as successful. Definitely not bad, but not mind blowing either. Wine pairings were generally good, although there was one or two choices that didn't quite live up to the same standard as the rest. Well worth a visit. Definitely one of Stockholm's top five restaurants.
  7. I've got a very nice Wusthof set at LCB London. I'm so happy with the chefs knife that I haven't touched my old Global since I got the Wusthof.
  8. How short is "short"? Intensive basic patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu is five weeks. The summer session looks to be fully booked, but there might be last minute cancellations. http://www.lcblondon.com/
  9. Was there (at Magdalen) Saturday little more than a week ago. Then everything was fine. Had roast marrowbones with snails as a starter (so-so, a little bit too much fat in a single dish), lambs tongue with tomatoe and rosmary white beans as main course(very good) and rhubarb with cold custard (?) and a ginger biscuit as dessert (excellent).
  10. Speaking of new vs old school, in the intro to wednesday's episode you can definitely see Nigel shaking an ISI Whip siphon which is a dead giveaway for El Bulli style foams...
  11. no he steamed it and fried his sweetbreads. ... Ok, thought it looked like the lamb was coming out of a vaccum bag. Regardless, today's cod was defintely taking a swim in the computer controlled water bath...
  12. It is interesting to see the two approaches. I disagree that it is traditional versus modern, instead we are seeing two branches of modern food. ... ← I couldn't agree more. Combining cod, pigs trotters and tripe isn't traditional, it is very cutting edge modern. It is a pity both of these chefs can't continue to the final.
  13. Definitely check out this weeks competition for some seriously interesting cooking by Anthony Flinn and Nigel Haworth. They play it like it is new (Flinn) vs traditional(Haworth) cooking, but that doesn't seem true at all. Haworth eg did his lamb sous vide without any comment at all.
  14. Last week's cooking felt much more interesting. Or am I just getting bored by the format?
  15. What is the lunch deal at Le Gavroche? Their website was distinctly unhelpful...
  16. Ooops. If the judges know their cullinary history as well as you...
  17. That is really complex and technically advanced food. If it also tastes good (which your review indicates), there must be some other reason for the lost star.
  18. So, first round done between Hartnett and Terry. Harnett will obviously win on technical points (unless her quail ravioli tastes terribly, which I doubt.), but my gut feeling is that to win the whole competition the complexity and elegance needs to be kicked up at least another notch. Compare to Purnell's rabbit trifle with rabbit lollipop. That is a complex dish both technically and (presumably) taste wise. I wonder how many of the competing chefs that hasn't really grasped what the game is about this time? Grilled aspargus with goats cheese dresing simply won't cut it, regardless how local and fresh the ingredients are.
  19. Lots of more info on the Fat Duck cook book (and the Alinea book!) in this Q&A with Heston Blumenthal and Grant Achatz: http://www.gourmet.com/restaurants/2008/03...a?currentPage=1
  20. If you think in terms of the end result, an "intermediate" home cook should be able to compose, prep and execute a reasonably advanced three course meal for say four guests with good timing between dishes. I think you should structure the course around that. You will of course choose dishes that demonstrates various useful techniques, requires knife skills etc.
  21. Of course I'm going to order it. Talked today with a friend and we both agreeded that we should join "Cook book buyers anonymous".
  22. Quite new restaurant in a bit out of the way location. Mentioned in this thread: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=77811&hl=Ilic Perhaps serious enought to warrant it's own thread? Menu seems fun! Anyone that has been there recently?
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