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  1. I'm sorry but with all respect to a fellow boy from Bridge, Andy Hayler - NO NO NO and NO again. Notority for Eating in 3* Michelin restaurants, yes. A blogger yes, a critic hmmm I'll hold my tongue. Put it this way the sooner they pull him from master chef pro the better. Just a touch pompous in my view. If they need a blogger get doshermanos on instead I say. By way of background a year or so back I ate at Nathan Outlaw the same evening as Mr Hayler and he panned a Crab risotto with orange, or should I say by his own admission "was not convinced by" Whilst I concede food is subjective thing
  2. Mr Rayner speaks http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2011/jan/18/michelin-guide-restaurants
  3. for my money I'd try one of the Hix places or Hereford road you'll be surprised you might get a table even at this stage I'd leave Les Deux Salons bed in in any event not firing on all cylinders just yet.
  4. Dining room - nice looks the part but nothing spectacular - also far too bright in my opinion. Some may also feel its a bit loud? It doesn't feel as French as Galvin for example. When we were there we saw Anthony Demetre perhaps as you’d expect in its opening weeks and the quality of the food is being clearly given a good steer. Dishes - Slow cooked ox cheeks, parsnip purée served in a shallow Staub sauté dish – all very nice. The cooking excellent and the beef was meltingly tender. A rather mean portion of parsnip puree and some carrots languished in the jus. My issue with the dish was ho
  5. If you are ever in the camden area again - its worth checking out the restaurant Market. Their slow cooked pork cheeks and morcilla is an absolute beaut.
  6. I thought precisely the same. Fay Maschler reviewed in the Evening standard too earlier in the week. Though his take on the rice may put some off ( I disagree with him on that incidentally - on the occasions I've been it was excellent) Those 8 seats will be tricky to bag for a while I suspect
  7. I've seen them in Borough market at Booths but otherwise and Indian Grocer in the east end or up north I'd say is a cheaper bet
  8. Actually I was refering to those who do have the money and who use Egullet as linking board to their own blogs and there are a few! Of course there are reviews of Viajante elsewhere. I believe there'll be one in the Evening Standard tonight. I was starting a topic to garner the views of those on Egullet who are usually an informed bunch. I've heard the recession demands "a new direction, this is old hat" argument and I have some sympathy for it, but what are you suggesting in its place? I think everyone accepts we are in challenging economic times but it doesn't necessarily equate that we sh
  9. Before the inevitable food blaggers post a topic (and links to their blogs) on Viajante I thought I'd pen a few thoughts on the meal last night Nuno Mendes trialed many of the dishes at the supper club The Loft he's now opened Viajante in the old Bethnal Green Town hall and it currently offers a 6 , 9 and 12 course tasting menu. Viajante In terms of decor its modern and the open kitchen will no doubt delight many who get to see Nuno Mendes and his team hard at work. The lighting is subdued which had the advantage of preventing the girl next to us from producing any decent photo's of the dis
  10. Would second the thoughts on Wild Honey Also Hereford Rd is not far over in Notting Hill and very reasonable too Italian and high end Locanda Locatelli Seafood J Sheekey in central London and of course Scotts which is in mayfair
  11. Given MSK is vehemently "TRADE ONLY" does anyone know of any alternates? MSK "]MSK Ingredients MSK have a wide range of useful products but they are expensive and often sell items in volumes far that greater than needed by individuals. I'm interested in fruit powders, amongst others, and a UK equivalent of L'epicerie would be good. Any thoughts?
  12. Yet more MSG conspiracy theorists.... I'd expected the people of Egullet to be a little more learned. For the definitive take on MSG I would implore anyone to read Jeffrey Steingartens book in particular the chapter "Why doesn't everyone in china have a headache?" or indeed even the below http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2005/jul/10/foodanddrink.features3
  13. Ahhhhh Momofuku you have to love that book no? FYI these might help too http://www.mountfuji.co.uk/ http://www.japancentre.com/ Not sure whjere you are based but there is also a Korean leaning Asian Grocers near centre point in London that will help with much of the ingredients in Momofuku. http://www.cpfs.co.uk/
  14. Many thanks - I think you may be right Hiroyuki, this is perhaps more a Korean specialism, and yes the pre cut are probably a whole lot easier! Helenjp thanks for the tips I will give it a go !
  15. Andrew Edmunds ? they only take bookings a week ahead so might be worth trying them
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