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  1. http://www.swandolphinmeetings.com/menus/restaurant_menus/bluezoo/ there is the current menu... I recently quit working there because I was offered a job at Victoria and Alberts at the Grand Floridian as well as other issues. But Chef Windus is a great guy, and is very knowlegable in the kitchen realm. I learned a lot from him during my two years there. However If I were to recommend anything from there it would have to be the swordfish, or the chefs tasting menu, which litterally changes daily. Read his blog for more info about the place and what he likes to do. bluechefs.blogspot.com p.s. iv
  2. i live here in orlando, and from the airport to the "rav" is about 20-25 minutes. come in town, hop on 528 merge to the 417 merge to the 408 then take 408 to I4 then I4 to Princeton Ave. Then its only a few blocks away... Or Just take 436(Semoran, which is the road that Airport is on) all the way to 408 then 408 to I-4 and I-4 to the same route...
  3. You want the best knife protection for the edges? Its as simple as going to autozone and getting some weather stripping...
  4. Ive come a long ways. Working only at three places since ive started working in the culinary field, my resume is growing into something that Ive wanted it to. Ive only wanted to work at the best of the best, because one day I want to become one of the best. But where do I go after this? What have some of you other successful Chefs done after you've made the perfect resume? I started out doing 350+ covers a night working @ Emerils, Then moved onto Fine dinning working @ Normans. This 4 Star 4 Diamond restaurant taught me alot during my year long stay there. Now Im doing 65 Covers a night workin
  5. If I were you, stay closer to home incase stuff happens. Take the Trotters gig, maybe things can pan out for you from there, and then maybe they can help you at another place....
  6. Honestly, who the hell cares anymore? Their show is terrible, and they just keep trying to force feed us BS shows. What ever happend to the second and third season winners? The only one that ever became of anything is Guy. Which is a total toolbag. Stop supporting this network. All they care about now is how much product placement and Rachel Ray shit they can put out. They dont care about the food aspect anymore. They just want $$$. Watch good shows like Top Chef instead. Watch the PBS shows instead. Just stop supporting this horrid network that has become a cash cow. BTW What ever happend t
  7. okay, so i posted this thread before I took a position with Normans. I wanted to see what people thought of it, and aparently not too many people know/knew about it. So Ive been on the job for quite a while now, and I must say its truely a great place to work. The food is great. The atmosphere is amazing. The quality of EVERYTHING is TOP NOTCH. Chef Clay has his shit together. He wants nothing but the very best of EVERYTHING. Everything is just amazing. As a cook its really hard, as everything is prepped fresh daily. We prep for 1-2 days max. Nothing is held past 48 hours. While on the menu y
  8. Just wondering what people think about this place.
  9. Seriously, If it werent for my need for caffine provided by Pepsi, I would not have known about this show. Pepsistuff.com has a deal with Amazon where you can enter codes that you find on your Pepsi products, you ear points. Upon my searching for something I like, I find this gem. "After Hours with Daniel" is a show that follows Daniel Boulud to famous kitchens whom he and the Chef of the famous kitchen plays host to a dinner after service. Guests are other local great chefs, who share stories and all along, they go through showing dishes, and sharing knowledge! Great show! mojohd.com under sh
  10. Bourdain also wrote that book a long time ago when stardard practices werent that great. Today the industry is far better in their practices, and you can get orders/deliveries 6 days a week.
  11. get there about an hour early, get all of your mise, set the station up according to the handouts they give you or however you know it will work best for you. Listen to the chef, call back everything. keep all saute pans hot. never ever leave your line, if you have to leave your line its because you didnt get your mise. if you get stuck in the weeds ask the person beside you to bail you out. if the chef curses at you, dont worry, you can cry later in the locker room. edit last but not least and the most important. never under any circumstance make a wasted motion. all motions made on the front
  12. Thanks guys, as I said its not a very expensive knife. It only cost me 29$, I was in this restaurant supply store and they had some Japaneese knives for sale and I bought the Sashimi knife. I have nothing but Wusthof in my roll otherwise. Thanks guys.
  13. I bought this yesterday, and I love it as Im not a sushi chef, however at our establishment, we do lots of sashimi plate ups and Im the one that does them, so I was just wondering what kind of knife im working with. It wasnt expensive, and it has a great edge and look to it, and its super freaking sharp. 230mm long
  14. clockwise ateco ring molds whet stone Wusthof 5" Utility Wusthof 3" Paring Wusthof 6" Cleaver Wusthof 6" Hollowed Chef Knife Wusthof 8" Chef Knife Wusthof 8" Carving Knife Wusthof 8" Serrated Knife Cheap Spatula Sharpie Markers 230mm Hi Stainless Japaneese Yanagiba (unknown maker) Fish Spatula (Kuhon Rikon Switzerland) Microplane Chef Knife Gaurd Wusthof Kitchen Shears Wusthof Zester Drag Peeler (Kuhon Rikon Switzerland) Amco Tongs x 2 Wusthof Apple Corer Knife Edge Gaurds The knife roll itself is made by Dickies, but its being replaced by a Wusthof 17 Pocket.
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