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  1. I have done the frangipane style one before, with a shortbread crust. After baking, I brushed with a sambuca s/s and glaze with a neutral glaze, but you could use another s/s...we had some fantastic tequila candies in Mexico last year, the flavor was subtle, not what you would expect and sooooooo good
  2. The Burren in Sommerville - very simple irish food done very well. This is probably too big to be considered a "pub", but when I want good beer and good food, I head to John Harvards in Cambridge
  3. I always find it depressing that I am way funnier when I am not trying to be 35% food cost - really? It has been a long time since I have worked in a restaurant, but when I envision my old Exec Chef running 35%, I imagine him writhing on the floor in the throes of a coronary. Or is 35% an exception because it is a steakhouse? 5% profit just seems ridiculously small for a profit margin. Anyone else? What is your target %'s?
  4. I am in a debate of sorts on a board that is not industry related, and need to know: in a regular restaurant, what percentage of your final menu price is your actual cost. Assume that you own the property outright - no mortgage. I was taught that the rough rule 25% was food cost, 25% was labor, 25% was overhead, 25% was profit - is that still the case? this is a sample of the menu, if that helps 14 oz New York Strip Steak - Served with balsamic red onions, watercress, and roasted Yukon potatoes finished with veal demi-glace. - $26.99 7 oz Filet Mignon - Glazed with maple BBQ sauce and accompa
  5. anyone caught this yet? http://www.kingcorn.net/ I want to see it, but I haven't had a chance yet
  6. what a great idea, my husband is going to love a cheddar apple pie. Maybe if I am feeling nice I will make him one tommorrow
  7. another person here to say white is diffcult. Your teacher may have not broken the temper of the chocolate in class when he microwaved it, there is a fairly easy "formula" to melting in the microwave to maintain temper, it has been a long time since I did it but I am sure you could find it (basically small bursts) You may have problems with your ganache breaking because of the added oil from your nuts. Generally a small amt. of liquid would fix this, but since you are already working with white chocolate adding more iquid is going to cause more thinness issues.
  8. I am only offended by that cheesy looking short sleeve jacket that gordon ramsey is so fond of -YUCK! He looks like he should be manning the fryolator in a paper hat when he puts that on
  9. have you checked with local suppliers? Where do you get your paper boxes from? I found it prohibitive to order boxes to be shipped to me, especially heavy weight ones - they are very expensive to ship. My only other suggestion would be to think outside the box (get it??? LOL) keep an eye out for boxes that that may be used for something else, but are the right size, and ask them where they get them. Or call some places that use the boxes and ask where they get them. the bakery I worked at that used them had to special order them in partnership with 5 other bakeries, because they had to make
  10. although it is not my absolute favortite, you would have to, of course, mention Proust's madeleine. For me, I have an addiction to creme brulee - before you think that is not simple enough, I present its' 4 ingredients :eggs, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla. A well made cremem brulee is heaven on earth.
  11. I am trying to get away from soy and using the garbanzo flour more - since my husband has realized he is allergic to soy and the airborne flour will send him into sneezing fits for hours! I haven't noticed the taste, but admittedly I don't do much more then taste a nibble now and then to make sure it tastes OK I actually don't use any egg protein, because it makes it easier in my particular situation if my gf stuff is completely egg and dairy free as well - it cuts down the total # of products/recipes I have to produce if it fits both bills. Have you ever experimented with agar or flax seed? t
  12. I make my gf pie crust without any gums - it does occasionally split or crack, but just pressing the edges of the split together will fix that. Overworking one with a gum will definately give you toughening issues. I use an all pupose blend of 1 part potato flour, 1 part tapioca, 2 parts soy or garbanzo bean flor, and 3 parts white rice for pie shells. The white rice gives the bulk, the soy or garbanzo are providing the protein/structure and the tapioca and potato are binding.
  13. chickie

    Eggless Cake

    cocoa is going to add an acid, which will activate the baking soda. So ideally you would want to replace the baking sode with a double acting baking powder AND add an acid (vinegar, lemon juice)
  14. I can't imagine it would help or hurt, though for some reason I lean towards hurt. If your dough is getting tough, it may be the flour mixture you are using, especially if it cntains a gum (like xanthan)
  15. FYI, they are showing repeats sunday mornings on BBC america I reallt am not a fan of his hells kitchen "management style", and I only turned this on because one of the segments sounded interesting - I am so glad I did! This show is fantastic, now I am addicted!
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