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  1. And I should add glucose syrup.. I never knew why it was added so I just don't bother. I'll go back to bothering ;-) AND I'll give the immersion blender another go... first attempt with that didn't work out well so I abandoned it. I figured it would work better when you're making a large quantity. hmm what about using the actual blender?
  2. "Don't worry be happy" love it! lol! But I'm an amateur trying to learn and trying not to be dissuaded by every little thing going wrong. I guess I should look at the bright side, this batch showcased the best tempering I've ever managed
  3. By hand. I heated the cream, added to the chocolate, waited one minute and then mixed by hand. It didn't seem broken when I piped it.
  4. It was 5 oz cream, 9 oz dark chocolate 64%
  5. Dear all wonderfully knowledgeable egulleters, Something strange happened with my molded chocolates. When they were freshly made, the ganache inside was smooth. After a week the inside was grainy. Any ideas why? Any suggestions for how to avoid this? Thank you all so much!
  6. When Wybauw lists Praline in a recipe (like on page 85 for Dulce de leche) does he mean a ready made one or does he mean one that he includes a recipe for?
  7. It also broke when I used a 2:1 chocolate to cream ratio... that's why I initially thought there was to much fat in the recipe because the cream vs chocolate proportion doesn't seem to matter. Yes, I also don't melt the butter before adding to the ganache but I thought you have to melt cocoa butter first, right?
  8. I usually mix in a figure 8 pattern. I did worry that adding the cocoa butter to the cream might be a problem. So should I melt it and add it in after the emulsion has formed, like I do with butter? The chocolate was fresh from the box, in temper pellets. The stick blender didn't work maybe because there wasn't enough in the bowl, it was having trouble. Or maybe it's because it's a bad quality stick blender :-) I don't have a food processor. So I'm stuck with perfecting this by hand. The ganache looks grainy, it's not smooth and shiny.
  9. Hi guys, So I'm still trying to improve the above and still no luck. It's still not a smooth emulsion. I made it today as below. I used gfron's method. I added the glucose syrup and cocoa butter to the cream and stirred it continuously as it simmered for less than a minute. I used a stick blender but it didn't work out that well so I stirred with a spatula. I have no idea what's wrong! 250g dark chocolate 250g double cream .5 ounce cocoa butter .25 ounce butter .5 ounce glucose syrup
  10. chocofoodie

    Chocolate: Making your own percentages

    Wow you are all so knowledgeable! I don't even know where to begin to wrap my head around the things you're saying lol... I need to google before I can post back!
  11. Hi all! I had a question... Could I use 100% chocolate to create a chocolate bar (or chips) with my own desired sugar level? And could I use a different sweetener like for example honey? Thanks!
  12. chocofoodie

    Fruit Purees in Chocolate Recipes

    Thanks! I think maybe it's supposed to be unsweetened because there is invert sugar and confectioner's sugar in the recipe. I guess I'll taste it and go from there :-)
  13. Hi everyone, When a chocolate ganache recipe calls for fruit puree, is it supposed to be sweetened or unsweetened? I want to try Ewald Notter's raspberry truffle recipe but I couldn't find raspberry puree in the supermarket so I bought frozen raspberries with the intention of making my own puree but I'm not sure if I should sweeten it or not? Thanks!!