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  1. What was the recipe for the angel food cake on no reservations?
  2. Also, praline is a name for that stuff in Guylian chocolate, like some kind of mousse.
  3. By the way, is it permanent access to the mosaic or just early access? Otherwise ive just thrown away £44!
  4. Oh yes! Just ordered the special edition (still waiting on the Mosaic code)! What is the Mosaic like? What content does it have etc?
  5. Hi, On DOW, which ones are for films (Film Powder) and which ones are for hot Ice Cream (SGA150)?
  6. It's now available as part of the El Bulli Texturas range - with the name Malto - from all the usual European websites, but you can request a free sample of Zorbit directly from National Starch. They call it a sample, it's actually more like a lifetime's supply (about 20 times the amount in the Texturas tin). ← How do you get it off them? And does milk work?
  7. I know that El Bulli's recipes were a bit weird, anyone made them? And if so, were they successful?
  8. El Bulli 2003-2004 It changed me, in so many ways. That book is jam-packed with Genius.
  9. Never used it before, still experimenting with Alginate. Oh yeah, and thanks, those cookies are nice.
  10. Whoa, is that, HOMARO CANTU!!! My god he's my favourite chef, and he's on here, Oh this is just brilliant!
  11. Hi, first post here, I've just bought some Xanthan Gum and Pectin from the local supermarket, and I don't know any recipes with it in. I know it's a thickener but is there any other use for Xanthan or Pectin?
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